Arsenal Set For Marquee Signing? Dream Team Taking Shape

Tangible excitement for this man's Premier League debut

Tangible excitement for this man’s Premier League debut

The Arsenal season kicks off soon, in just under a months time in fact, with the home game against Manchester City. This will provide a chance for Arsenal fans to finally see a competitive Unai Emery, Gunners team in action.

As with every new season, it will be filled with excitement and anticipation for what the future will bring, fans looking forward to finally seeing new tactics and signings turning out for the Arsenal.

The Gunners have already made some big strides in the transfer market with no fewer than five signings, including four out of that five being full internationals. The most exciting signing so far has been Uruguay international midfield dynamo Lucas Torreira, from Sampdoria for a fee of around £27 million.

Super-charged Torreira

Super-charged Torreira

For all the world cup hype that has helped to get Arsenal fans excited though, one can’t help but feel a bit indifferent to the signings so far, with Liverpool for instance signing players like Keita you’d be forgiven for feeling a little like “where’s our superstar signings?!”

Where’s our superstar I hear you ask? Well… right around the corner If reports are to be believed, yes Arsenal are intentionally making moves to sign a big name “marquee” signing, obviously a big fee is about making a statement, but also signing a top quality player strengthens the team and gets fans optimistic for the season ahead.

Players that are rumoured to be in the frame are Ousmane Dembele, Pablo Dybala, and Andre Gomes as well as the World Cup Croatia star Ante Rebic. I think it’s clear the type of player being targeted is an attacking player that can play in all 4 forward positions . Dybala is the player that will raise the most eyebrows, although in fairness Juventus will need to raise funds somehow to cover the Ronaldo signing.

Reunited? One can only dream...

Reunited? One can only dream…

The player that personally sticks out to me is Ousmane Dembele, I have long seen his footballing relationship with Kylian Mbappe as similar to that of French legends Raymond Kopa and Just Fontaine.

Dembele is one of the finest dribblers in the game today, capable of scoring the most delicious of goals, while also crafting chances even Mesut Ozil would envy. Sharing a fine understanding with Aubameyang while at Borussia Dortmund, Ousmane Dembele’s signing could create a frightening attack at Arsenal including Ozil, Lacazette and the aforementioned Aubameyang.

International and club shirts from all around the world

Regardless of who the eventual marque signing is for Arsenal this summer, one thing is for sure…Jim White is going to be a busy man thanks to our recruitment team.

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  1. DEW July 23, 2018 at 6:29 pm #

    it is a legitimate question to ask considering the kind of money rival teams are spending. The wing position is what I half halfheartedly expect to be filled with big money player. I am also personally curious what kind combination will there be between the front two big money players in the coming season.

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