It’s 2018 FFS

It is 2018, Snowflake.

Hi @Nacho-Monreal. My 6 year old son asked me, why you are called Nacho and do you promote unhealthy salted snacks. I said I don’t know and I don’t know. Maybe you should change you name to ‘Vegan Chia and Quinoa Flakes Monreal’. It is 2018, after all.

Hi @AlexLacazette. My 24 year old daughter recently said, cassettes? Aren’t they like so 1980’s. Alex, isn’t it about time you updated to a streaming service? It is 2018, you know.

Hi @FIFA. My daughter asked me why they are called linesman and can boys, girls and women run up and down for 90 minutes? I said, I don’t know and yes, anyone can be a wannabe referee.

She suggests you should stop being gender biased and call them ‘linegenderneutrals’. It’s is 2018 FFS.

Hi @Arsenal. My 2 year old son asked what was written on the side of the stadium. I told him, it’s Arsenal, Why? He then asked ‘Why are they called Arsenal? Can people who aren’t arses support them?’

I said, ‘because the original team all worked in the Woolwich armaments factory & yes, because all the arses support The Spuds and It doesn’t matter what year it is.

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