The future’s heating up for the Gunners with these hot fixtures

Looking at their recent performances, it won’t be wrong to say that Arsenal are going through a tough time. But it doesn’t mean we won’t support our team, right?

That’s what true fans do. Stand up and cheer for the team.

We’re looking forward to seeing Arsenal get back on track as we list the hottest upcoming matches which no Gunner can afford to miss.

Hottest upcoming Arsenal Matches every fan should know of:

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1. Arsenal vs Man. United

The two most successful teams in the FA Cup meet again in the fourth round stand out of this season. While the match was originally scheduled for 26th of January, it was recently moved to Friday night, a day prior to the original date.

This means, Manchester United fans travelling to watch their team claim revenge of their March 2015 encounter with Arsenal, may find themselves stranded for the night in London.

With the tickets already sold out, will the Red Devils be able to put forward a performance that is worth all the troubles?

2. Arsenal vs Man. City

Fans of both sides were expecting that Arsenal’s visit to The Etihad might have had a say in whether the title headed to London or Manchester. But thanks to Liverpool’s amazing first half of the season and Arsenal’s pre-Christmas hiccup, it could be that this fixture sends the title to Anfield instead.

City need to win to keep their aspirations alive, and while no Arsenal fan wants Liverpool to win the title, the Gunners will be playing for pride. Even though it might let Spurs sneak into second place as the season reaches a critical moment.

No matter what the implications are for the title race, this is sure to be a fantastic game of football. – and one that’s best enjoyed from a corporate suite.

3. Arsenal vs Tottenham

Arguably the most exciting match in the derby, the clash will see two teams at the top of their form. While on one hand, Arsenal is evolving under the Emery management, Tottenham on the other, has been repeatedly dominating their recent games.

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With both teams being separated by a mere three point, there is a lot at stake. The match, scheduled for the second day of February, will tell us how much both sides have been able to improve. Will the young Tottenham defence be able to contain the English captain Harry Kane? Only time will tell.

4. Arsenal vs Chelsea

Hold your horses here, this is going to be the deciding event. The one to decide who climbs up the points table.

Currently placed one after the other, Chelsea and Arsenal are two in the top 5 by now.

The game is to be held on the 19th of this month at the Emirates Stadium.

If you have the tickets, you are a lucky one as the event is sold out now. Obviously, we know no fan would want to miss out when the Blues play the Gunners.

And if Chelsea pulls this one from the Red Guns at their home ground, the crowd is going to be crazy hit by it.

Well, without saying more, let us see how this local rivalry treats both the sides.

Final words

As the FA cup is on and football fans from around the world have their eyeballs glued for their teams, some events can’t just be ignored.

In this blog post we tried to list some of the most exciting upcoming Arsenal matches which no Gunner can afford to miss. In fact, if you know someone that is a die-hard fan of the club, there are plenty of Arsenal hospitality packages that can make the match day experience one to remember.

If you found this post useful, don’t forget to share it with your Gunner fans.

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