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Positives, Needs and Hopes

Sometimes a moment or a performance can sum up a whole season.
Sometimes it’s a player.

I’ve watched Aubameyang the last two games play with literally double the motivation that he normally does.
I’ve felt excited by this, on the edge of my seat when he’s around or on the ball and my hope has shifted. I suppose that when your top scorer starts playing at the top of his game then regardless of what else is happening in the game and how everybody else is playing you feel such hope.

His movement has been high level, his physical effort has completely changed and his finishing has a fresh focus.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that we haven’t just tuned in.
The problem is the season is 50 + games.
More importantly, the problem is that I’ve chosen a player, his last two performances and some memorable moments to paint the picture of Arsenal Football Club this season.

Arsenal have been motivated and not just motivated but highly motivated in only a handful of games this season.

I distinctly remember thinking after these handful of games that Arsenal have turned a corner, such was the motivation in front of my eyes.
So, even though it’s absolutely true that our squad is unbalanced, that we need couple of defenders and some wingers and an athletic midfielder, it’s an interesting thought to ponder that perhaps the most important change needed at Arsenal is for the motivation to change.

If you could buy ‘a high level of consistent every game motivation’ in the transfer market I’d spend £100 million on it!



* Willock showed enough encouraging moments to justify his inclusion. His inclusion is long overdue as is Saka, Amaechi and others.
In particular I love his eye for a late run.

* I’ve been wondering recently why it was that Guendouzi became a cult hero this season as we haven’t seen it recently.
It’s his bravery.
Who doesn’t appreciate bravery, especially from a youngster.
He never hides, always wants the ball, doesn’t panic under pressure and has the guts to boss others.
Just incase you’d forgotten too!


* Auba’s volley was technical perfection.

* Iwobi’s second half could’ve been chosen as my opening thought.
More often. Far more often and we have a player.

* I’m sure ElNeny will leave this summer. I’m ok with this but if secure, reliable and energetic were as important to fans as the sparkle that they expect, then he’d be valued.

* I think that Emery rotated intelligently.


* Corner kicks.
Big need for improvement in this area.
Wasteful is the word.

* I think it’s good for our uninterested owners to see City keep winning the league. They have similar opportunity to do the same with Arsenal if only they’d back up their public desire to win the big trophies with the investment needed to do so.


Krystian Bielik (Photo by James Chance/Getty Images)


* I’ve found a player that I feel COULD make a big difference at Arsenal next season.
He could be a centre back but is better in defensive or central midfield. He is athletic, powerful, breaks lines with passing and dribbling with ease, is wonderful at reading the game, intercepts and tackles well, is good in the air and is impressively composed.
He’s unfortunately yet to play at the highest level so it would be a risk to count on him but one I think would be worth taking. Oh, and he’s free because he plays for Arsenal already!
In my opinion, Krystian Bielik will be the most successful of all the youngsters on Arsenal’s books. I hope it’s with Arsenal.

* My nervousness coming into this summer is that all of our talented youngsters have seen how little opportunity they’ve been given. In particular that they have seen Nketiah be part of so many match day squads especially when we’ve needed a goal but he has not been trusted.

* The last week and the games yesterday have been very different to most that I’ve seen this season. Because all these events have been very high profile I hope that next season the coaches are encouraged to play in a more attacking way and in particular to have more belief. Arsenal’s game was more like a 90’s back and forth game with much more space and therefore more goal scoring opportunities. Lots more fun!


Every emotion that God gave me has been exposed this season. I know sport does this but this season has been extraordinarily mixed.
It’s not over yet either!

I’ll be writing a season review probably after the Final, so please look for that.

Thank you to all those that read and follow me @mike_mmcdonald


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Having tasted life in England for the first 25 years of my life I know what it’s like to go to Arsenal every week and I know what it’s like to not have the opportunity to do this now I live in the US.
So, I greatly appreciate that I have nearly 500 followers and the opportunity to talk about Arsenal with people who know how I feel, as I don’t have that connection here.
Your comments, retweet’s and especially those who have gone the extra mile to get more people to read my work…. well, my heart is grateful 😊


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One Response to Burnley 1-3 Arsenal: The frustration of motivation as Auba shows his Gold [Positive Needs & Hopes]

  1. Victor Thompson May 13, 2019 at 5:04 pm #

    Hi Mike, I hope you include me as a follower. I sometimes disagree with your blog, but even if I do, I appreciate the effort you put into explaining your point of view. I am in awe of how people like you, Alex and Sohum keep so up to scratch with Arsenal, and it shows how big an influence the club has been to those supporters who live in far flung places and have continued to love Arsenal after many years.

    Many fellow Gooners will understand that we bond with the club at an early age and thereafter Arsenal FC is in our blood. I look forward to further articles from you in the hope that we shall be closer to the top than this year.

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