Unai Emery – Different manager, Different philosophy

Different manager, Different philosophy

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There was a young man called Unai Emery

Who had 45 million to spend, apparently

So he brought a Brazilian prospect

And a defender, he then loaned back

And we thought, ‘Different manger, same old story’


Wilf Zaha was named our main target

But Palace wanted more than our budget

He said it was too much to pay

So our chance went away

And we thought, ‘Different manager, same small pockets’

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He looked at a left back called Tierney

And Celtic, he wanted to leave, clearly

Unai made bid after bid

Up to 25 million quid

Is it over the line? Well nearly

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Rambo left for Juve, that was a big loss

So Unai went out and loaned in Dan Ceballos

He looks a real class act

Hopefully Unai can make a pact

And he stays to be the new midfield boss


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Then there is Laurent Koscielny

Who wants out, that’s plain for all to see

And Mustafi to Monaco?

Here’s hoping that he goes

And Unai goes all in for Umtiti

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Out of the blue came Nicolas Pepe

72 million quid!!! Well that’s quite hefty

A front 3 without compare

Along with Alex and Pierre

Now we know, ‘Different manager, Different philosophy’

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