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As of now fans of all twenty clubs in the premier league can now rest easy (or uneasy depending on your view) with the transfer window officially closing. Moreover, to be honest, where are we all as fans fans happy? Sad? Relieved? Maybe a bit of everything? Either way a new focus is on. The start of the league season. However, before a ball is kicked, is it fair to analyse what we have? Of course it is.


Our first signing of the season was Martinelli; many considered a forward who is willing to play wide. Brought from Brazil and an under twenty-one player means that he will have time to mature, adapt and learn from those around him. It is thought that our new technical director had told Josh (Kroenke), Raul and Vinai that he should be brought in a quickly as possible. From what I have seen, he is a very lively player and is certainly a nuisance to the opposition. Considering the whole left for forwards this will be interesting to see how he settles as we have all seen this one before and not worked out. My hopes will be that he will show his worth during cup matches and hopefully in a few league games as well.

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It had been a while and fans began to get restless, starting the trend #Wecaredoyou? Asking the Kroenkes to come forward and answer some fans issues with the current owners in terms of direction and what was going on with the transfer budget. With a reply and a few interviews from Arsenal themselves and The Gunners Podcast (while on tour in the USA, also please listen to it was very enlightening) we managed to get ourselves some answers that we did not have from Raul and Vinai in the previous interview from Laura Woods.


It took a little while but Saliba was finally recognised as an Arsenal before heading back to St.Ettiene for one more season. Again another young player who will have time to now learn his trade as well as the language and culture of the club, this was a smart move. Imagine if you were in his shoes. Would you be willing to take the jump this season or next season instead? With the timing, i am sure many fans were relieved that this transfer was sorted out in the end.

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In addition, around the same time Cellabos was also announced on a year’s loan from Real Madrid. Some will say he is a like for like replacement for the previous occupier of the number he has been given (number 8 for those of you that did not know). Time will tell if this is another Suarez, Julio Baptista or Kim Kaelstrom loan. I just hope that he will be willing to do as much as he can in our central midfield. Considering we had some fatigue issues within the central positions even though we have many player based in the central midfield. An extra body is always a great addition as we have more options to choose from as well as making the opposition second guess who will be starting in the central roles. I honestly think by January, if he has shown he is good enough then we should consider signing him permanently.


Share midfield burden

When you looked at players last season and asked where is our issue going forward many fans pointed to the wide players causing more problems then solutions. Now step in Pepe our record signing. Of course he had to come from the French league; we do love a french player don’t we?  Although he is from Ivory Coast (many thanks Kolo). With twenty-two goals and eleven assists last season, we have a player who is willing to step up in a wide variety of games and deliver. In addition, you could argue that we finally have a replacement for Alexis. It will be interesting to see how he copes and how he lines up with everyone’s favourite duo at the moment, Lacazette and Aubameyang.

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The saga went continuously on and on for Tierney but it was finally realised on deadline day. A new left back to help an ageing Monreal (who might be playing more centrally for now) and provide a challenge to Kolasinac. To be honest, I would have preferred to of brought a right back due to the Bellerin issue, but you can’t always get what you want. Tierney is a welcome sight either way. With him, we have someone that is a winner and has experience in European fixtures. The person who is an understudy to Robertson of Liverpool for country must now step up and show that he is just as good or better then him. Moreover, for a reported twenty five million that is some great business considering the amount of money defenders can go for now.


Saga ended on final day

Lastly, we turn to the most peculiar transfer of David Luiz. This one is what seems to be a sensible transfer but flew under the radar until the near start of deadline day. Considering the last few players we have brought from Chelsea, I am unsure if this deal is going to be good in the future. However, right now, I would take him; he is a brilliant free kick taker and plays with almost the same desire as Papa Socrates. In addition, we have already had a few jokes about him and Guendouzi. Just thinking about the commentators getting the name wrong when they are both playing is enough to make anyone laugh. Let us just hope that the defending is not as comical.


Final surprise

In summary, we have brought a forward, central midfielder, winger, left back and centre back. Which is not a bad result. In the end, we have the same amount of players as we have last season and we have spent a little more. Like many fans, I will be watching our game on Sunday against Newcastle with anticipation.


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