Arsenal Squad Rankings: the entire Gunner squad ranked based on their impact, consistency and attitude

I have read most of the articles written by people in recent weeks and I am struck by the impact of Acadamy youngsters and good acquisitions such as Pepe and Ceballos We are now in 3rd place which in my judgement will be our final place. Many fans have stated their opinions on how new players and signings have affected Arsenal FC.

I have created the following list of players in my estimation of where they rank, based upon their impact on the team, (consistency and attitude to the game).


In first place I put Aubameyang. His record speaks for itself. He is consistancy in person, cares about the team as represented in the ground he covers each match. If we are down, he always has a possibility of getting a goal and he encourageous the others to keep trying. He alway plays with a smile on his face


His partner in crime is Lacazette and they each play better together, Aubo works the lines and creates chances in the box where Lacca does his damage. His close footwork in goal is reminiscent of Wrighty. They are both great poachers but neither of them was afraid of hard work. They challenge defenders to try to get the ball off them and neither would give it easily. Deadly in the box and 100% effort.

This will surprise many people but for such a light made up lad and only 18 he has only played a few games in the senior game but he has frigtened the life out of defences. He has a knack of seeing a goal and getting it and he has quick feet. If he maintains that level of performance he will be part of the hottest forwardline in the premiership.


What a steal !  Bought for £7m and only turned 18. Four goals in his first two matches. exhuberant with youth and just loves playing. He could be the best acquisition of them all. He is young enough to be any thing Emery wants him to be, but I hope he maintains his speed, tricks, goalscoring and absolute confidence and fearlessness


I am taking a chance with him. because he appears to be a bit overwhelmed with the size of the club. He showed in the short spell he had in his first match that he has talent and physique, skill speed and ball control. His history recorded in France showed that he was a very effective winger with a quick brain. I am confident that he will improve especially if he gets to play with some of our youngers. If he was to consider himself as no 1 and try to play to it, he will get there or close.,

6 & 7

Holding & Chambers
I think Holding and Chambers are our future Adams and Keown. Chambers was consistently improving last season and he played  everywhere Emery put him but his best position is at CB. He went to Fulham and was voted their best player. He came back a much improved man. He knows his flaws ( mainly lack of speed ) but Bobby Moore wasnt fast and he was the best half back in his day..Chambers has played consistently well this season when others vanished. Howevever  good he has been, he is 20% better alongside Holding. Holding was our stand out CB when he received the injury which kept him out for 8 months.. His short spell so far, playing with Chambers has shown that they are natural partners.


A huge improver and fan favourite.He made an immediate impression with his bush of black hair and long-legged runs all over the pitch. He has a talent for opening gaps with determined runs or for opening defences with deadly passes. Unfortunately he was easy to push off the ball and was easijy brought down. He has improved most of his faults and his short passing has improved. He is generally accurate now and he has a wiser head for his first years experience with Arsenal. His ability to pick a long pass is a feature of his game now and oposing teams will have to cater for that, particlarly now that we have deadly wingers.


He is a perpetual motion pocket destroyer. He has dipped in form for a couple of games and he hates walking off. I wish Xhaka had his same attitude but unfortunately he cannot make his challenges without making fouls. When we were going through a prolonged bad time, he ran himself into the ground. For a man of his physique, it is a surprise that he is an
enforcer and backs off nothing..



Ceballos He came from Real Madrid, so he must have talent. He looked very impressive in his first match where it was clear that he had good ball control, a combative spirit and he is intelligent. He is always looking for a mate to pl;ay the ball to whilst moving into a space to receive the return. Circumstances in which we were not playing well against inferior teams meant that Emery tinkered with his selections and he has not rreally had a steady run to get used with us. I have no doubt that he will be an assett to the club.
Nelson.  Nelson had already earned himself a good reputation playing for the Acadamy team and he was given a few runs in the senior team. For whatever the reason, he was loaned out to Hoffenheim where he was a sensation. He was brought back for this season and along with his Acadamy companions he made a ghreat reputation. He is now beginnig to show what all the fuss was about and he is yet another youngster who will give opponents a hard time.
Tierney. I have only placed him 12 because I have only seen him in one match. He was class. Speed to burn, good control. Good tackling and lethal crosses into the box.  I have no doubt that he will shoot up the rankings. Another good bit of business.
Leno & Martinez  Emery can`t seem to decide which of his goal keepers is best and so Leno is played in the league and Martinez plays in the Cups. My preference is for Martinez. I don`t think Emery`s tactic of playing the ball out from the defence is working. Leno is too slow to make up his mind and by the time he passes it to one of the defenders the other team has set its players to press up and restrict their ability to move the ball out. That has developed into slow play, and  ponderous movement and it creates panic in our defence when they lose the ball with so many hostile players near our box.
Martinez on the other hand has proved to be just as good a stopper but he has no anxieties about grabbing the ball and booting it upfield. His kicks are usually well aimed and it cuts out the opposition midfield who may actually have to struggle back to prevent our runners from taking advantage of no challenges on the way.
Willock.  I`m sorry, I have read all the hype about this young man and many of the Gunnerstown Team rave about him. “He can do it all”. “He can run with the ball”. “He can dribble” “He can shoot,”. I have been waiting and willing to see what all the fuss is about and until his last match against Notts Forest. I couldn`t see it. There was enough in that match to show that he has talent and since so many people are supporting him, then there must be something in him that I just don`t see. I shall give my glasses a good cleaning next time.
Maitland Niles.    MN  has been asked to play as both full backs, and midfield ( both sides ) and he has always done so willingly. He is preferably a midfielder but most of his time is in standing in for Bellerin. For a young man, he shows great composure and very good ball controll  He has won many free kicks near the goal and corners because he panicks in unsuspecting defenders. He is fast and mobile. Despite many good performances, there is a section of fans who cannot forgive him when he makes mistake that a trained full-back would not, and he gets abuse for it. The fact that he has scored and made goals in what is not his ideal position is not considered by these people. I hope he manages this and gets a chance with Arsenal where he feels comfortable.
Kolasinac. He made an immediate impression when he arrived. He is built like the original **** house and would have intimidated most defenders. He is a left back himself but he loves marauding up the wing and sending crosses into the box. We got many goals like that and he has scored some himself from set pieces but lately, I think his game has deteriorated. He still does the same things but his crosses are not as accurate and he doesn“t score as much. He had recently been dropped back into a defensive positon which doesnt suit him as well. The acquisiton of Tieran  makes his future ominous lookng as he is differeent class.
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Bellerin.  I have had to put Bellerin in this spot because of the length of time he has been out and having in my youth, suffered the same injury as him I am aware of what long term damage it can cause. I wish him the very best and hope he recovers completely. He is a dyed in the wool Gooner now and he deserves some good time wis with us,
Xhaka  I know that Xhaka is the source of many divided points of view by the fans. I was delighted when he came to as I had seen him as a cultured wing-half and captain of Switzerland.
He came during the worst of Wenger`s time and the team was poor. Most people thought that he would be the a-corn from which our oak would grow. Sadly it hasnt happened and the first shock we got  was that he gave away free kicks ansd yellow cards like sweeties. The penalties mounted up and he hasn`t really learned how to tackle without fouling. His other weakness was that he is slow and rather immobile. If you are the mainstay of the midfiels, Captain of the club and the origin of counter-attacks, all of the above weakness are not what you would wish to have. I am optimistic that the revival of Arsenal will come from the youngsters we have. The football they played against Forest was like watching a Wenger team in full flow.  Forest are now top of the Championsip so they are a decent team.
Sokratis. If Sokrates were 5 years younger he would be higher up the scale. He was a lifeline to us when he arrived with no great reputation and was generally referred to as slow. Our defence was dreadful. The goals were going in at the front and even more at the back. He arrived heavy jowelled and with a smile that made everybody like him and surprisingly, he was not as slow as we thought. He steadied the middle as a permanent block so that Kos had more cover when he tried to carry the ball out Unfortunately he too was careless with his fouls and the red and yellow cards mounted. Kos has left now and Sokrates is getting slow so it is with regret that if CHambers and Holding stay fit, his appearances will be few.
Luis.  I was aghast when we signed Luis. He is a player who has undoubted talent such as scoring as he just has, at set pieces. He carries the ball well out of defence and he can make wonderful diagonal passes. Against all of that, I used to love seeing him on Chelsea`s team sheet against us because we could guarantee he would get at least one yellow card and possibly a red because he was erratic and careless. We had a player like that in the player in 21st position…
Mustafi and he hardly gets a game now for the same reasons. We don’t need another catastrophe like that waiting to happen.
I haven`t expounded any further on Mustafi as the reference above covers him.
What do you think of my rankings? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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8 Responses to Arsenal Squad Rankings: the entire Gunner squad ranked based on their impact, consistency and attitude

  1. Roger G Gees October 8, 2019 at 8:27 am #

    agree 100% with your rateings

  2. Mike October 8, 2019 at 9:15 am #

    “Luis”!!! You can even spell his name properly and you expect to be taken seriously lmao

  3. Simon October 8, 2019 at 9:33 am #

    Sorry to say but this list does not really fit in the criteria of impact, consistency, and attitude. The list would look very different if that was the case. This is simply a ranking of your favorite players.

  4. NL is Red October 8, 2019 at 1:35 pm #

    And in 250th place behind the training staff, tea ladies and turnstile operators is the poor excuse of a human being, the one and only Mesut ‘Gloves & Snood Ozil

  5. Gunnerpete October 8, 2019 at 1:45 pm #

    Very good and I only differ in two places. Willock should be just above Nelson and Luiz just above Xhaka. This time next year I expect Thierny to be Level like with Holding / Chanbers and SMith Rowe to be about the same as Celballos . But watch out for Ballogun and Saliba.

    • Victor Thompson October 9, 2019 at 5:18 pm #

      Thanks gunnerpete. I am grateful for your update on our young players. You are obviously more acquainted with them than I am. I`m sure you noted my remarks v Willock. I fully expect Tierney to be a star and to figure at the top of my list. Personally, I expect Holding and Chambers to blossom individually, but unless I am wrong, I am convinced that they will be even better as a duo.

  6. Victor Thompson October 9, 2019 at 5:38 pm #

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comments. I differ with your reply.

    I have been writing articles and comments on Gunnerstown for about three years. Until now, I have read other writers` personal ratings and I have enjoyed doing so. This article was simply that of an Arsenal fan and I have put my own thoughts onto this media in the hope that some people may enjoy it and make their own comments.

    To say that “the content does not really fit in the criteria of impact, consistency, and attitude” is clearly erroneous. It is my objective assesment of the players listed based on my own observations. Your observations of the same players may be very different and a list compiled by you may also look very different.

    Consider my remarks conserning Willock, who has clearly impressed a lot of fans in a way that I have just not picked up. I welcome differing opinions which may be constructive, as clearly if someone who appreciates Willock may be able to influence me. Sadly your comment does not fall into that category, but I appreciate you taking the time to read my article and then comment on it.

  7. Victor Thompson October 9, 2019 at 5:46 pm #

    NL is RED

    I appreciate your sarconic contribution. I deliberately did not include Ozil as he is not on the same level as genuine Arsenal players whatever talent he possesses. Put simply a degree of graduating selfishness has evolved from him which the fans and Emery do not like. At this rate, his contribution to our club at the end of the season will be zero, at wages of £350,000 per week.

Your thoughts?

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