Staying in Control When Gambling Online

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If you do enjoy the occasional gamble online, whether that be by playing poker, bingo games or even playing casino games or placing sports related bets and wagers, then you should always ensure that you put into place ways that will allow you to gamble responsibly.

It can be way too easy to continue gambling when you really should have stopped, such as when you have spent up your initial gambling bankroll, and many gambling sites and apps do offer their customers a range of different tools to allow them to gamble responsibly.

When you log into most gambling site apps or sites, you will be asked whether you wish to set a deposit limit or even a loss limit for any period of time, and that is something that I really do urge you to consider doing.
By doing so if you do have a bad run of luck and end up losing your initial deposit on that session, then by you having set a deposit limit for example for let’s say 24 or 48 hours, then you will not be able to deposit any more into your account, thus removing any chance of you making an additional deposit and then losing it.

Self-Excluding Yourself from a Gambling Site

There is of course one way that you are never going to put yourself at any risk of gambling online, if you are one of the many people that do find that they are unable to control their gambling activities, and that is by you taking the bold step of self-excluding yourself from a gambling site.

What you will need to do if you wish to ban yourself from any gambling sites that you are currently a member of is to request a self-exclusion.

By doing so you will be telling the owner and/or operator of that site that you are experiencing problems with your gambling activities and wish to be banned from ever being able to deposit and gamble at those sites again.

Once you have requested a self-exclusion, any and all accounts you have at a gambling site will be closed, and you will also be barred from ever opening another account at those sites in the future too. This is one step that some problem gamblers should make, as that way they will not be tempted to gamble again online at sites they have sign up to in the past.


Using Gamstop to Help You Give Up Gambling

If you want to give up gambling altogether then you are going to have to close all of your accounts at casino, bingo, poker and better sites, and that could actually take some time, if you have opened many such accounts over the years, but it is something that you should do.

For those of you out there that are based in the UK though, there is one way that you can very quickly and to be fair, very easily too, close accounts at every single UK licensed gambling site that you have signed up to and also self-exclude yourself from those sites and all other licensed ones too.

That is by you signing up to Gamstop, which is a service that is free to make use of and once you have registered your details then all of the casinos signed up to gamstop will then be legally required to close your accounts and self-exclude you from those sites and will also not permit you to open up any new accounts with them in the future either.

Many banks now let their customers block their debit cards being used at gambling sites, so that is another way that gamblers can negate the chance of them depositing at such sites and draining their bank account of cash.

Find Non Gamstop Gambling Sites

If you have self-excluded yourself in the past from any number of casinos and/or gambling sites but feel you are now in a position whereby you can control your gambling activities, there are a number of gambling sites that are not part of Gamstop.

As such you should not experience any problems signing up to those sites if you have self-excluded yourself form many other similar sites, but please always ensure that you make use of any additional gambling limit option setting and tools available at those sites.

At the end of the day though, it is down to you and you alone as to whether you do gamble in any playing environment, and ultimately it is you that will have to set your own deposit and loss limits and always gamble responsibly, so please do make sure that is something that you actively do, when you play online, on a mobile device or even when visiting a land based gambling venue.

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