How has the Gambling Industry responded to the Coronavirus pandemic?


The world has been rocked by the Coronavirus pandemic. What began as news of a new virus in China has turned into a massive crisis, the like of which has rarely been seen in peace time. It has certainly affected the gambling industry as sporting event after sporting event has been suspended. How have they responded to what is happening?

High Street bookmakers have suffered greatly.  When they close their doors to customers, you know the situation must be bad. The lack of sporting events to place bets on and the need for social distancing has led to those closures.

If this had happened a few decades ago, the situation would be even worse for the gambling industry. The fact we now have the internet and online gambling sites has at least softened the blow. We may not be able to go to the High Street bookmakers, but bets can still be placed online and at all times of the day.

The arrival of the internet has created a situation where we can bet live on games that take place all over the globe. We may not be able to be placing bets on the top European league matches but there are still games available for us to try and get a win on. Who’d have imagined that we’d be reliant on football games in Angola, Australia and Belarus for some football gambling action?

There are plenty of other areas that the gambling industry can turn to. There’s the virtual sports section that is seen on sites. Football, speedway, horse racing and greyhound racing events take place every few minutes. The players may not be real but the money you can receive backing winners is.

More emphasis is being placed on the casino, poker and bingo sections that sites possess. Those players who had perhaps never thought of joining the online casino. There’s roulette, baccarat, blackjack and slot games all waiting to be played. Many have some excellent cash prizes especially the slot games that have progressive jackpots that keep on growing until they are won.

An important area for the gambling industry is the continual attempt to attract new customers. It’s a highly competitive market but all those welcome offers that try to get players to sign up for their sportsbooks are now in a bit of trouble. Now more emphasis will be placed on advertising the casino and poker welcome offers that sites have as they look to attract more members.

The coming weeks and months are going to see the number of visits to online gambling sites increase. There will be a change in direction, especially if those few football leagues still playing end up being suspended. The casino and poker side of the sites will see more traffic as players continue to try and find something to gamble on. It’s a situation that we haven’t seen but thankfully we have online gambling to keep us occupied until the sporting calendar springs back into action.

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