The Very Best of Arsenal at The Emirates Era- Part 2

After last week’s fairly interesting part 1, today the GT contingent look at favourite matches and goals.

Undoubtedly, Arshavin’s most crucial Arsenal goal came in the 2-1 champions league win over Barcelona

3) Which Emirates game is your favourite?

MarbleHallsTV: Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham. This was better than the 5-2 of the following season for me since Adebayor got sent off and that did change the complexion of the game. This 11/12 match saw us go 2-0 down, and once Sagna scored the first we battered them.

Alex Burns: There have been many great games. On a personal note I would say when we beat Villarreal 3-0 in the Champions League quarter final second leg as it was my first UCL game at the new ground. But overall I will go with our 2-1 win over, in my opinion, the best team ever to grace a football pitch, Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona.

Matt Lorrimer-Roberts: There are so many to choose from but would have to say beating Barca 2-1 was the ultimate highlight.

Mike McDonald: I will go with the 2-1 win over Leicester in 2016 when we thought we were going on to win the league.

James Howson: For me the on 16 February 2011,  as Arsenal beat Barcelona for the first time in their history in a 2–1 win in the Champions League round of 16 was my favourite. Andriy Arshavin who will feature again in this list had a great game and Arsenal played a mature performance too, against one of the best sides of all time no less Arshavin scored a beautiful goal from a great team move. I can honestly say i’ve never screamed louder, been prouder in the Emirates era than that night.

Gary Lawrence: My favourite game at the Emirates was the 2-1 over Barcelona when Arshavin scores the winner. The loudest I’ve ever heard it at the Emirates

Dave Seager: The 2-1 win over Barcelona.

Nigel Evans: My favourite game would be the 5-2 against our neighbours in the 2011-12 season.

Steve Wellman: For purely selfish reasons, 26th December 2014 vs QPR. It is the last game I saw live on my last visit back to England. It also sums up The Arsenal at the Emirates, 2-0 up and coasting, then Ollie gets sent off (for something stupid), we give away a senseless penalty and just hold on, giving the crowd a nervous breakdown in the process. 


jack wilshere 2707825b

That Goal

4) Which goal is your favourite?

MarbleHallsTV: Giroud has gone down in my estimation following his “thank you Arsenal!!” mockery post-Baku. But then his goal vs. Palace in 2017 was one of several aesthetically grand goals he scored for us. That for me is the best Emirates era goal. Whether he meant it or not is moot. It was an exceptional technique that he displayed there.

Alex Burns: Arshavin v Barcelona is up there just for keeping that finish underneath the bar, but I also liked Tomas Rosicky’s vs Sunderland similar to Jack Wilshere’s against Norwich in the same season.

Matt Lorrimer-Roberts: Welbeck header v Leicester just for the fact it won the game and the importance of it by the end of the season. Giroud’s scorpion was brilliant but we would’ve won that game anyway.

Mike McDonald: Wilshere vs Norwich or Arshavin vs Barcelona.

James Howson: Jackie Wilshere vs Norwich

Gary Lawrence: My favourite goal at the Emirates was Thierry Henry’s goal against Leeds United in the FA Cup. Such an emotional moment.

Dave Seager: Rosicky (the 3rd in come back v Spurs in 5-2)

Nigel Evans: My favourite goal is Jack Wilshere’s against Norwich City

Steve Wellman: He may be cast in bronze but he is still capable of producing GOLDEN moments!!


On the note of moments that will live long in the memory – Tune in next week for our third and final part!

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