A 433 Formation should be Arteta’s Winning Formula – Lining up like this!

The only way is up: 4-3-3 a new formation for Arteta to consider next season


Winning Arteta Formula

Picture if you will, the entire Arsenal squad match fit and ready for next season, and I will I aim to reveal why a 4-3-3 formation would work for me, and how it will work in terms of an attacking formation. For Arteta and Arsenal next season I will concentrate on the midfield, and attacking players, and three crucial players who I would take to the bench on match days to make up my 4-3-3 winning formula.

I feel this formation and tactical approach will be better to use in the Premier League, excluding League, FA Cup because consistency in the league that we must challenge for next season is paramount. I want to include Partey the Atletico Madrid Midfielder in my line up for next season, as I feel Arsenal must sign him, for me, he is essential to this 4-3-3 system to work to affect. He is the only player not in the current Arsenal squad who I include in this formation.


Only new face – Partey

In a front three in my 4-3-3 formation, Buyako Saka would play on the left wing who could help in counter attacking tactics, and while nevertheless carry out his defensive duties as he has played left back this season and put in some excellent performances. Pepe would play on the right wing and as a lone striker Aubameyang would complete the attacking three.

Granit Xhaka’s performance against Chelsea in the thrilling 2-2 draw, in 2020 away, was, for me one of our best team performances under Arteta as coach. With 10 men on the field; and in the heat if a crucial Moment during a match. When David Luiz got sent off, Xhaka went in Luiz’ place and delivered an excellent defensive performance. So, he makes my starting line up in midfield. He improved remarkably under Arteta and think he should stay and be a mainstay of our midfield.

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Mainstay on left of the three

I think Guendouzi needs game time and would play on as right side of Midfield, with Partey in central midfield and Xhaka on the left, where he plays as captain of Switzerland. This means the team will be stronger defensively in the middle of the park. Our most attacking Midfield player would be Guendouzi who could link up play with Pepe or Aubameyang and Buyako Saka, the front three in this attacking formation. Our striker for premiership matches should be Aubameyang he is our best finisher and I think he has more “in the locker” to offer next season.

My reasons for picking attacking players on the bench, is, if Arsenal are losing and need to change their attacking game plan if they need a goal after conceding, or their counter attacking tactics are not working. Lacazette, Ozil and Martinelli, are three players who must also be in the match day squad to make this attack minded game plan take shape.


Super Sub?

Martin Lawrence at The Guardian Newspaper wrote in 2016 about Ozil: “The Arsenal player doesn’t throw himself into tackles, but he has a knack for winning the ball back high up the pitch and creating chances for team-mates. Yes, he rarely tracks back, but in Wenger’s system that is the job of the wingers and as long as Özil continues to win the ball high up the pitch – as he has been doing – he is doing his job.”

his article by Martin Lawrence sums up why Ozil should be a substitute rather than in my starting lineup, but should still remain an essential squad and match day substitute. Ozil can come on for Pepe or a midfielder later on in a match, to create chances and make assists when opposition   defences are tiring.

According to the Soccer coaching, the website explains: “By controlling the midfield and taking advantage of the flexibility that the line up gives the team’s forwards, the 4-3-3 can overwhelm, confuse, and force the opposition back towards their goal. With the pace and movement of the attackers, the supporting fullbacks, and offensive midfielders, a flood of interchanging players can overload the opponent’s defence to great effect.”(


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Through the high intensity and off the ball movement that the 4-3-3 formation requires, you can force the opposition back by making the most of this aggressive line up. The top sides in the Premiership for attacking football are Liverpool and Man City in my opinion, they might not play the same 4-3-3 formation, but they certainly have a system or formation of intensity, something Arteta has demanded from the start of his career as Manager of Arsenal Football club.


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