The mood lightens as Arsenal football starts up: on charities and Charlton


The last few months have been strange… especially the last month or so. But this week has been a huge boost for fans of the red side of North London. If you didn’t know – famed actor and comedian Matt Lucas spoke to faces of the club (old and new) as well as some surprise guests, including key ‘workers. All in the aid of the Arsenal Foundation, the club’s charity for Islington and surrounding areas; the charity is amazing and works with many demographics in the vicinity of the stadium. 

For someone who is currently in the situation of being a key worker, this has been a blessing for myself – and if you haven’t seen the video, you can watch it above. The video was a delight and brought a lot of light and a smile to my face as the likes of Mikel Arteta, Hector Bellerin and the ever popular Ian Wright were interviewed on all things Arsenal. It was also important in helping to understand the morale of the players at this moment in time. Hector actually states that they were fine but had trouble adjusting and Mikel even cracked a little joke that some of the players might be better on the pitch than their technology skills. 

This afternoon we were informed that Arsenal did play a friendly at the Emirates against another red side in London: Charlton Athletic. We won the game 6-0 with goals coming from Aubameyang; Lacazette; Willock and a hat-trick for Eddie. This might be a good sign but in-comparison to a club like Charlton at the moment it seemed like it was a match that was much needed to lift the spirits of the players. Watch the highlight reel below: 

Speaking about watching matches. With the set date of June 17th, Arsenal will take on defending champions Manchester City on Sky Sports. It seems that up until the Norwich game, all of our matches will be broadcast on both BT and Sky. This includes the visit to Bramall Lane (for the quarter final of the FA Cup); the site of a night that had replicated (almost) the last time Sheffield United played at home in the Premier League many seasons ago. The TV schedule has actually caused an issue with a lot of fans (in the UK). Firstly – if you don’t pay for BT and Sky Sports channels you could be paying an estimated £75 a month just to be able to watch all the remaining matches so far. There is also the issue that Sky’s free channel (called Pick) won’t show any of the Arsenal games at all but it’s okay cause you get to see such “important games” like Burnley V Watford. The BBC have also gotten involved and have picked up other unimportant games such as Bournemouth V Crystal Palace and Norwich V Everton. The frustration is just too much. 

The important thing right now is that football is coming back soon and Mikel has an arsenal of players to choose from, whether coming back from injury, needing to prove a point (because of transfer speculation or other rumours) or maybe they need to show their own groove. Can Arsenal climb high and end the season with silverware and promise of European football? … or will it be on the promise of coming back harder and stronger for next season.

The Clock End is counting down to the first kick off and I can’t wait to see what happens. 

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