The Pre-Match Game Show with Comedy Duo, Mesut and David!

The pre-game show, with David and Mesut

It’s 2.30pm on Saturday 20th June 2020 and game 2 for Arsenal in season 2020 2.0 is upon us.

Luis and Ozil are going through their new routine and this time they have been allowed to sit next to next to each other. All be it, 1.5m and 2 chairs apart, but these days that counts as close enough.


Before they get prepared, they start talking about Wednesday night train wreck up north.

For once in his life, sideshow Bob, is being honest and showing signs of humility;

“It was not the team’s fault; it was my fault. I think the team did well, especially, after we went down to 10 men.”



“Well, obviously, you weren’t on the pitch in the second half, so things were bound to improve “says Ozil, in a rare outing into humour.

“Well, um, yeah, at least I had the opportunity, I mean where were you hey?” David chirps feeling all superior.

“Give it a rest, you were behind, a loanee and Mustafi, I repeat, MUSTAFI in the pecking order and only made the bench because Rob, Calum and Papas are injured and because Saliba is ineligible. Otherwise, you would have been at home playing Fortnite against me all evening.” Ozil adds smugly.

“Whatever,” Luis replies in his best 14-year-old schoolgirl voice, “what was your excuse. Oh yeah, I remember, ‘Tactical Reasons’. Roughly translated, No Bottle for a game on a rainy night in Manchester. Kola not around to protect you this time? hey”

“Um, err, I don’t need anyone to protect me, I’m a big, err grown up and ……, anyway, weren’t you captain at that game in the Mineirão Stadium? When was it, you remember, oh yeah, 8th July 2014, small matter of the World Cup semi-final, I think? Now, what was the score that night, let me ponder….”


David quickly interrupts; 

“Anyway, enough of this bickering, can you grab me a drink, I’m parched, and you know how I get if I’m dehydrated”

And with that, Mesut turns to the barman and orders two more beers and asks him to turn up the volume on the TV.

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