Spurs have better players but Arsenal is in better form – an NLD that is impossible to predict (View From The Opposition)

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In an exchange with Tottenham website Spurs For Life, Gunners Town writer Chris (@MarbleHallsTV) contributed this piece on today’s North London Derby

Below is Spurs For Life contributor Andy’s response:


When I think of Arsenal I always think of my good friend Brucey.

He’s one of those football fans who is quite pragmatic and realistic about how good Arsenal are, doesn’t get too shocked if they lose or don’t play well and doesn’t call for the manager to be sacked or all the players to be sold after one bad half.

He’s basically the opposite of that Arsenal Fan TV.

Their videos were quite funny for a bit a couple of years ago for rival fans when Arsenal had a bit of a bad run but the shtick is pretty boring, even for us Spurs fans.

With Spurs having a season that hasn’t matched the past few, where we really did overachieve despite not winning trophies, some of our loud fans remind me of those Arsenal FAN TV blokes.

You don’t know whether they do it for attention, video views or they just genuinely don’t know much about football?

Well Brucey isn’t like that. And I don’t think I am either.

As much as beating Arsenal is my favourite thing, and texting my Arsenal mates a bit of banter afterwards, I was always the one who loved watching Thierry.

Brucey would message me saying how good Mousa Dembele was and how much he wish he played for Arsenal.

It’s never all our players are great and all your players are shit!

During games ‘WTF was that?’ will come through when David Luiz or Serge Aurier gives away a goal.

‘We are so bad’ when we both concede goals to rubbish teams or get played off the park.

And you realise Spurs and Arsenal are in similar places at the moment, both in league places, signings needed to push on and players to turf out.

The jury out in a lot of the squad, key players we need to hold on to and the odd cause for excitement in players like Saka and Lo Celso.

Predicting derbies is impossible and especially during this pandemic and with no fans but I think it’ll be tight.

Mourinho has got us pretty tight, if not a little negative and it seems like Arsenal having gone to three at the back have a bit more insurance back there.

I still think we have better players than Arsenal just about, but you guys are probably in better form, so it will likely be close.

That said I don’t think I’ve looked forward to a North London Derby less than this one.

The fans are what makes these games, the massive passion to get one over on each other and without that it just won’t be the same.

Here’s to getting 60,000 in the Tottenham Stadium or Emirates next year and doing this properly…

And hopefully we’re both a little bit better than at the moment!

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3 Responses to Spurs have better players but Arsenal is in better form – an NLD that is impossible to predict (View From The Opposition)

  1. Mark July 12, 2020 at 2:44 pm #

    The blogs are awash with fans making ridiculous comments about the other side so it’s good to read this refreshing article. Arsenal seem to be off the bottom of their slump and have an excellent young manager who is going to get rid of the lazy and stupid – Ozil and Guendouzi – and back some excellent youngsters. Tottenham took the logical step of hiring Mourinho to keep them in the CL but he has failed so now looks like the wrong choice. This is the most pointless NLD for maybe 25 or so years and the first I’ve missed in that time and much longer. Not certain I can be bothered to watch. With no fans the better team should win and currently that’s definitely Arsenal. I don’t want to be in the Ropey League next year so am frankly not that concerned about the outcome. A massive year for both clubs next year and the one not in the Ropey will have the advantage. Back to the cricket

    • Dave Seager July 17, 2020 at 10:25 am #

      You know me Frosty.Always a fair editor. Hope all well. Dave

  2. SARz Kelly July 12, 2020 at 3:14 pm #

    Nice piece here… Well it does appear that AFC are in good form at the moment, but I beg to agree that TFC pose better players… Arsenal’s going strong into the match and the only thing spicing this game up is the so called ‘Special one’.. His pre-match jibe as well as post match comment.. I’d like to see Arteta’s side come victor as It’d make Mou’s post match comment anticipated!

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