Who offers the best betting site for football fans?

For British punters, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that football is the biggest sport for betting across the country. Watched by millions every year, the beautiful game is more than just a game, it’s a part of who we are. Betting is just as integral a part of the sport for the viewers, so where should you go to get the best betting experience as football fan? Well, there are certainly a few options, but today we’re going to give you our list of the best betting sites for football fans to use today.


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1. Bet365

Overall, our choice for best football betting site is the well known and established bet365. Bet365 is certainly set apart by its wide sportsbook offerings, and one of the things that is so great about the site is the simple variety; there’s so much to choose from, even before you’ve decided you’re looking for football.

When it comes to football, bet365 is more or less unmatched. If there’s a game you want to bet on, you’ll find it here. You are granted so much control over your bets, allowing for partial cash outs, their excellent Bet Builder tool and other ways in which to take control of your own bets.

Bet365 has plenty more to offer football fans than we can describe here, so go over and find out for yourself.

2. William Hill

When it comes to traditional betting like football, you really need not look further than the high street. William Hill has been an established named in the world of football betting for decades, and the quality of their site reflects that. With an enormous amount of betting markets, you can bet on pretty much any football league or tournament you can imagine.

William Hill doesn’t necessarily do anything new with its app, but why fix what’s not broken? The company loses none of their edge in the transfer to mobile. It takes everything it has learned about football betting, and translated them perfectly to their mobile and browser site.

Look no further than reviews for the mobile app; they’re stellar, to say the least.

3. BetBull

William Hill knows its trade, and sticks to it; BetBull emerged as a new site and does plenty to offer strong competition to the other major betting sites. One of the things we love most about BetBull is its innovative social elements. Through BetBull, you can follow and utilise the accumulators of others.

Creating a community like this is a great way to innovate and improve the user experience for football betting, so it’s definitely one to try. It’s almost like a betting site in the form of a social media page.

4. BetVictor  

A list of football betting sites would not be complete without BetVictor. Offering some of the best speed, ease of use and customer service, BetVictor is committed to its customers like none other. They provide a reliable and generous service, in which loyal users are frequently rewarded. Go ahead… visit BetVictor yourself and Crack the Code.

Their mobile app is a technical marvel, providing one of the smoothest betting experiences available. Not to mention their event specific promotions—always perfect for football, where some of the events are the biggest sporting events of the year across all of Europe, let alone the UK.

Ultimately, the best way to find the best football betting site for your needs is to try a few; see what you in particular are looking for. For our money, though, you won’t need to look further than one of the four sites we’ve listed here.

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