Jordan can’t Hackett, as the Celebration Police Force grows

With the first submission for a change to EPL RULE 17.3.5a – Arsenal Player and Fan Celebrations, already under discussion.already under discussion. Two more exes are putting together dossiers to issue to the EPL rule keepers, to enforce more restrictions onto The Arsenal.

Oleksandr Zinchenko was not in the matchday squad against Fulham due to injury but was in the dugout alongside the technical staff and substitutes. He then showed his full passion for the club, when he jumped up and started arguing with the 4th official in the dying minutes of the game.


However , ex ref (loose term) Keith Hackett, laid into the Arsenal player expressing himself.

He’s out of order, he’s way out of order and he’s lucky to escape a yellow card which you can get. He has no right to be there. The staff of Arsenal did well to get him out of the way and out of trouble. The Premier League have to look at this and do something about it.

Simon Jordan (ex chairman) also added his 2 pence worth into the ‘Celebration’ debate:

For god’s sake what are you going to do if you actually win something? (noting that this won’t apply to the spuds) How far do you go then, what do you do then? Is everyone going to strip butt naked and run around the pitch in laps and celebrate for a week and a half?


Hackett and Jordan have contacted Keys and Grey to get an addendum to their rule change request.

The extra restrictions they are calling for are as follows:

RULE 17.3.5b – Non Playing Arsenal Players – An exclusion zone of 50kms is to be enforced on all non players Arsenal Players to any stadium on match day. Any non playing Arsenal player within 50kms of a match will have their contract terminated with immediate effect and the game will be abandoned and designated a 3-0 victory to the opponents.

RULE 17.3.5c – Arsenal Player Celebrations – Any Arsenal player seen celebrating, in any form, after scoring a goal or winning a game, is to be stripped naked, tarred and feathered and paraded around North London on an open top bus (something else the spuds don’t have a need for), as a dire warning to all other Arsenal players.

We will wait to see what Laura Woods’ response is to this turn of events.



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