Highlights, Lowlights and Headlights – A GT Crew Review [ARS 3-1 MUN]

Keeping things short and sweet… A new regular feature on Gunners Town, using the framework started during lockdown on the Gunners Town Pub podcasts… Our writers each offer a highlight and lowlight for the previous Matchday, and then shine a headlight on what lies ahead for the Gunners.

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Bonus Pre-match Highlights

Steve Wellman: Mikel’s press conference getting under Richard Keys’ skin. Anything that annoys Keys is always a positive.

Thomas Bahnson: Big opportunity to prove alot of people wrong. A win and a convincing performance would spike the confidence and change the narrative

Paul Hepker: Thomas Partey’s groin solving the “should Partey play” conundrum for Arteta.



Post-match Highlights

Dave Seager: 2 words, 1 name – Declan Rice. Imperious Rolls Rice of a player.

Mike McDonald: The intelligence of Gabriel to know that offsides are ordinarily decided by inches.

Thomas Bahnson: Finally the return of the balanced back four. Zinchenko crucial to our tempo and flow. Gabriel crucial understanding of whats required. Just plain good.

Dwayne Bingham: The return of our strongest back four. Especially against the attacking talents of united it was key to have the right personnel playing in their best positions.

Paul Hepker: Response to conceding the first goal. 35 seconds from centre spot to back of net. Shows how easy it is with direct, incisive football. 


Bonus Pre-match Lowlights

Steve Wellman: Big match posts about Combined XI, why? who cares? No-one who actually follows football. For the love of Bergkamp, please stop!

Thomas Bahnson: Panic spreading on social media around Partey’s rumoured injury. People are livid and are calling the transfer window 3/10. Without knowing a thing about what’s real and what’s not…

Paul Hepker: Rob Holding being sold for £1m. Shocking.


Swing and a Miss

Post-match Lowlights

Dave Seager: The time it seems to be taking Havertz to get aligned with his teammates and the Arsenal style of play. This is not me writing the German off but it is a fine balance for the manager in my view. Does he persevere with Kai at left 8 in the hope he will learn on the job, or take him out of the starting line up and reintroduce him gradually? 

Mike McDonald: Football used to ignore refereeing decisions and talk about the football. The addiction to controversy and extreme views seems to drive this rather than football discussion.

Thomas Bahnson: Yet again there were decisions by the referees that will never ever happen again. Saka getting a yellow when he got a free-kick. Penalty overturned when there was contact.

Dwayne Bingham: The number of fans around me who stormed off when Garnacho scored that goal. Gone before there was the indication that VAR were taking a look at it. If last season taught us anything then it’s important you support the team to the very end.

Paul Hepker: The inevitability of VAR getting involved with the penalty incident. Does it only happen to Arsenal? No. But it sure happens a lot.  VAR remains a shambles. 


Bonus Pre-match Headlights

Steve Wellman: The Saudi and Turkish transfer windows still being open. Therefore there’s still a possibility that Pepe could still leave.

 Thomas Bahnson: Spotlight on the referees. They cant afford to mess this up, not after the first 3 gameweeks and yesterday

Paul Hepker: Martinez hopefully getting his just desserts tonight: a self inflicted injury for a twunty tiny-man tackle. Red card shown as he’s stretchered off. [Editor’s note: one out of two ain’t bad!]

Jesus Pile-On

Post-match Headlight

Dave Seager: In relation to the above I suspect that with Vieira’s form of the bench, the Portuguese Will get a start over Havertz after the international break when we visit Goodison.

Mike McDonald: Everton should be our first comfortable win. Arteta does better with less prep time.

Thomas Bahnson: This was a confidence booster. A game that can catapult us. Rice becoming our lighthouse in everything we do.

Dwayne Bingham: We continue to work on our set plays defensively and offensively. The Rice goal paid off but overall it was very hit and miss.

Paul Hepker: Players like Nelson and Vieira staking a claim for game time. Arteta has to give those players a chance to prove themselves and form relationships too. Can’t all be about Havertz.

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