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Disappearing in big away matches

Would moving Ozil up front with Lacazette re-energise the German Playmaker?

This article was a comment on this morning’s piece on Arsenal trying a 352 with a partner for Lacazette. Dave suggested Giroud or Welbeck but an old Gunners Town writer got in touch suggesting an interesting alternative. I agree with pretty much all about the formation and midfield, but ideally we would keep Ozil who could still […]

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Arsene Wenger: the most negligent manager in the history of football.

Mr. T’s Nuts There is only one thing that will prove Arsene Wenger’s negligence in 2013/2014, and that is the lack of a strong challenge for silverware. That’s what he owes us, nothing more nothing less. The transfer deadlines, the pedigree of players in…all should be judged on that, and that alone. Based on the […]

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Arsenal’s top transfer target should be new fans this summer

Mr. T’s Nuts It’s off season, we’re in the Champions League again, we ended the season with the best run that the Premier League has seen by any club in four years, and have just scored 14 goals in two games on the Asia tour. The club is trying to sign quality players…and my Twitter […]

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Arsene Wenger: World Class Motivator, Tactician or Both? It has to be Both…

Mr. T’s Nuts Last week I posted a blog about Arsene Wenger and his merits as a tactician. I explained why I felt that he’s hugely underrated in this department, and gave an analogous explanation to hopefully highlight the tactical differences between Wenger and his peers. This article was my opinion and mine only. I […]

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Doesn’t do tactics? Arsene Wenger is one of the best, and here’s why‏

Mr. T’s Nuts About three blogs ago I wrote a piece on Arsene Wenger and the alchemy of coaching players with varying skill levels until he has maximised their potential, before adding a few top class players where needed to complete the squad. It’s the path he has chosen for Arsenal during the austerity years; […]

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Theo Walcott: Efficiency, Consistency, and World Class status.

Mr. T’s Nuts Last season, Theo Walcott’s contribution in terms of goals and assists was 38 in all competitions. If he does it again next year or improves on those numbers, so long he keeps his head down and keeps working on it over the next few years you can start to expect that from […]

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Ray Parlour = Mathieu Flamini = Aaron Ramsey and Arsene Wenger loves Perpetual Motion and Defensive Possession

Mr. T’s Nuts During the invincible season Arsenal were completely dominant in midfield, which owed much to the world class talent we had the time. We also had a fantastic central partnership in Gilberto Silva and Patrick Vieira, and the supporting cast of Edu and Ray Parlour were great squad options when called upon. It […]

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Wenger the Alchemist, close to finally blending his player ingredients for the recipe of success in 2014

Mr. T’s Nuts The past eight years have been trophyless. We know that, and the media have forced it down our throats for so long that it seems to be all Gooners can think about these days! For me though, it hasn’t been quite that simple. Personally I’ve archived the memories of the past eight […]

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You Guest It “When I arrived here 13 years ago I could sense that this club had values, tradition, and strength in their belief and in their values.  “When I travelled at that time to Derby or to Coventry when they were in the Premier League, they always told me it is ‘the Arsenal way’ […]

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