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Aaron Ramsey – World Class or Bang Average? (8 Tips for Arsenal’s Welsh Maestro)

Aaron Ramsey – World Class or Bang Average? Aaron Ramsey – The most interesting player to review at Arsenal for me. I know it’s dangerous to go online and give your analysis of a player so what I am going to try to articulate is my journey with Aaron Ramsey.  How my feelings have changed, […]

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The most important?

For Arsenal to succeed in 2016/17 it is the On-field Partnerships that hold the Key

Partnerships That Hold the Key Since my return to the blogging world I have been talking about firstly how the number 10 impacts our culture and maybe indirectly manifest in a lack of application at Arsenal.  I then asked myself why I was thinking this way. Was it shape, was it how open we looked […]

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Those moment of brilliance are his legacy

Is Number ’10’ Football and Playing to Ozil there limiting Arsenal’s Progress?

Is Number ‘10’ football Limiting Arsenal Been away from blogging for a while – wrapped up in Twitter and Podcasting for @Goonerramble which is and has been very enjoyable.   But it’s also reminded me that 140 characters can be misunderstood and doesn’t allow for clarity and explanation and some time to think.   So […]

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Al Davis

5 things Arrogant Arsenal and Wenger must do to WIN again and keep WINNING

I hate these International periods – just when we should be accelerating into the final phase of the season, when most of us are off work we have day upon day away from our passion. Watching Arsenal. Talking about Arsenal. Worrying about Arsenal… …wait! we can still worry about Arsenal – OK, here goes! Time gets […]

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Wenger’s Way is Back in Fashion – SUSTAINABLE – CONSISTENCY – STABILITY

At this time of year you naturally tend to reflect on the year just gone and what lies ahead. So let me indulge myself. A serious read so you need to be sitting down! Given the recent cult of the ‘superstar’ manager and how many of us have become swayed by their influence and supposed […]

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Arsene Wenger - The ultimate developmental manager has reached his ‘Graceland’

Wenger must EVOLVE trusted and multiple PARTNERSHIPS to allow TACTICAL ROTATION

We can all smell it – He can smell it – We are on the verge. It’s now about execution and belief. What does Arsene do now? He has this new wonderful team that is fluid, intelligent and technically arrogant – but also starting to show the mentality required to win. But football has changed. […]

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Arsenal are missing the one ‘Special’ Player but who is this exciting Summer Addition? Bale, Reus, Costa,Dybala or Fekir?

  Category A game – CFC at home – Big boy football.  Cannot help but feel underwhelmed this week but playing big games get you thinking or at least it should do.  Now I’ve had time to think a 0-0 at home vs. the new Champions and not doing a MUFC at home (play well […]

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Arsenal’s 5 Point Plan to win the Premier League and more in 2015/16

Arsenal – Many minds are drifting towards the next challenges that lie ahead. Well I am. I am going to pontificate, speculate and try my best to articulate what I feel Arsenal as a club need to do to win the league NEXT season!! Here are Five Points from Clive. 1) We need a new Keeper:  It […]

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ONLY Arsenal could have done what they did last night and an Arsenal Legend says ONLY Ox has what his Invincibles had!

Review, Player ratings and Solutions? Bayern at home last season. The intensity of our play our focus until we derailed after 30 minutes with the sending off was amazing. We lost 2-0 but it was Arsenal. It was our team failing with desire purpose and mental focus. What we saw vs Monaco was unprofessional. We […]

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The one signing AFC MUST capture this summer is last year’s Aaron Ramsey or if he is not available an alternative!!

  It’s always been about Aaron – I have the feeling that the Wenger team of 2015’s potential is wrapped up in one man. Does that scare you – It does me!! Bit dramatic you say Clive – well let me get you thinking!! For me the most important player in the Wenger era was […]

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