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Robbie Lyle, ArsenalFanTV founder

ArsenalFanTV: The good, the bad, and the downright ugly

Arsenal Fan TV: the good, the bad, and the downright ugly Hello all! Given it’s the international break, I thought I’d write a piece on arguably the most popular FanTV channel on YouTube. I’m sure we all know about ArsenalFanTV YouTube channel (if not, where have you been?). Founded in 2012 by Robbie Lyle, it […]

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Mesut Ozil vs The Ex Arsenal Pundits

Mesut Ozil vs the pundits Recently, Mesut Ozil put out a lengthy statement in regards to criticism ever since he joined the club four years ago. In the statement, he mentioned that ex-players should not criticise, but instead support the team, and since then pundits have bitten back. Was Ozil right to “out” pundits? The […]

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Customary Round of 16 exit

Why Arsenal should take the Europa League seriously, even if it means sacrificing Premier League

This will be similar to my League Cup article, and here, I will be explaining why I think Arsenal should not exclude the Europa League as one of their targets. The Europa League isn’t seen as a priority amongst many clubs, especially those that are in England. (Excluding Everton, maybe). Arsenal playing in Europe’s second […]

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The League Cup is a Springboard to Success – So Should Arsenal it more seriously?

Should Arsenal take the League Cup more seriously? In recent seasons, Arsenal have reached no better than the quarter-finals, and their last final appearance came in 2011. I’m sure we all know what happened there. But what I want to find out is, why don’t Arsenal take the league cup more seriously, despite the pedigree […]

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