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Gazidis and Kroneke are experts at deflecting blame

The Fish Rots From The Head – Arsenal needs a culture shift

Another visit to Old Trafford, another shambolic performance. I don’t bother with anger anymore. If a decade of resignation has taught me anything, it is that while the situation at Arsenal is helplessly rigid, emotion simply isn’t worth it. Pessimism has been a faithful ally of mine over the years; I’d recommend it to any […]

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Riddle me this

Oliver Norgrove answers your questions

I struggled to think this week. Arsenal news and events were limited by an International break, and with the transfer window closed, gossip has been temporarily restrained as well. It is currently Thursday evening, and up until this point I have failed to think of a sensible topic to address in this column, so have […]

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Gabriel and Kos are the future – No Longer Business as PER usual

When the line-ups were announced ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Newcastle last Saturday, a bizarre feeling swept through me. It wasn’t the glaringly obvious omission of Mesut Ozil that caused a stir in my mind, nor was it the selection of Theo Walcott as the side’s spearhead. Instead, I found myself overwhelmed by a huge […]

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giroud liverpool

“Striker Crisis!”: Arsenal fans missing the point – blaming Giroud achieves nothing.

Arsenal fans are missing the point over striker crisis – blaming Giroud achieves nothing. The outcry over Arsenal’s attacking prowess this week has been so demonstrably ill-proportioned that I can’t quite believe it has happened. Wave after wave of unreasonable attacks unleashed upon Olivier Giroud have left a sour taste in the mouth of everybody […]

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One of Oliver's better decisions in hindsight


I have five replica Arsenal shirts hanging in my bedroom wardrobe, one of which I am proud to wear, and four I am not. For the sake of continuity, over the years I always ensured I purchased large versions of each jersey for the simple sake of re-use. I found out – probably the hard […]

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Dear Jack Wilshere I’m worried about you. Yours sincerely, a concerned fan.

Late last week, I opened up the Twitter application on my phone and perused my timeline. To my dismay, I discovered that Jack Wilshere had once again been struck down with – at least what seems to be becoming – his biannual injury, and that he would require yet more surgery. I reacted in a […]

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