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The Brazilian Invincible Gunner that never was……

Unsung Heroes! Insomnia has a lot of side effects. My father suffers from it, I have had bouts of it but neither of us have ever signed Arsenal’s first ever Brazilian player because of it. explains how Silvinho dropped onto (then) chief Scout Steve Rowley’s radar:  “I couldn’t get to sleep one night,” Steve […]

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The Morning after the Night before – More Squad questions than answers Monsieur Wenger?

Hi All, I had to write this for cathartic reasons!! So, the transfer window light has been flicked off and we are shufflling out of the other side blinking, squinting and staring into the new dawn. On the face of it, Arsenal have a nice, solid looking squad of twenty six.   Goalkeepers – Cech, Ospina and presumably […]

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Henry shows his class - and how much Gio was valued...

Gio: the unsung Arsenal hero that Thierry rated

Today’s Arsenal unsung hero is a bit of a left-field shout. it is a fair to say that he had a fairly unassuming Arsenal career, and there isn’t really one single standout moment from him wearing the Arsenal colours…but…for me, he was part of one of the most exciting summers that I can remember. He […]

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Spanish forward Francisco Higuera (R) kicks the ball by British forward Stefan Schwarz 10 May in Paris, during the European Cup Winner's Cup final between Arsenal and Real Zaragoza. AFP PHOTO

A Swede indeed in our hour of need – Arsenal Unsung Hero

Ah, the halcyon days of youth. I almost remember them well… It was Summer 1994, and myself and my younger brother had just watched our first full World Cup (my parents’ dislike of football meant that Italia 90 went under our radar until the semi-final stage, when, at my grandparents’ house – my dear Northern […]

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The Top 6 Candidates to replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal – The Löw/Bergkamp Dream Ticket?

Please note, I am not advocating an immediate change of manager, nor suggesting Arsene Wenger shouldn’t be given a new deal, but he may not be offered one or may not sign one when his current deal expires, and he will, of course, eventually leave his post at some point! After two back-to-back FA Cup […]

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Wenger’s all time worst buys for The Arsenal – The Unlucky 13!!

  After the ‘Best Arsene Wenger Arsenal Signings’ post, I just had to do a ‘worst signings’ post. And again, entirely subjective; these are my own opinions and factor in the transfer fee paid, their impact (or lack of) on the team and the general ‘meh’ that I felt when they were announced. Or they […]

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Arsene Wenger’s Top 12 Signings for The Arsenal

It is a very subjective subject, of course, so I hope it inspires some discussion below the post in the comments, but here are my Dozen Best Wenger Signings, from 1996 – 2015. Why 12? Why not?! It’s like a reverse ‘Dirty Dozen!’ Fees are those as stated on the superlative’s Transfer Centre. These […]

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Arsenal’a Unsung Heroes – David Platt and ‘That Header’ that gave the Gunners Double Winning Belief!

Hello again, loyal readers. After some all night bartering, with negotiations reaching a delicious climax as the summer sun slowly submerged ‘neath the horizon with a shimmering ‘adieu’, I was re-signed for Gunners Town for the princely sum of a packet of ‘Nice ‘n’ Spicy’ Nik-Naks and a barely touched can of Tizer. My next few […]

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Danny Welbeck celebrates

Arsenal have FINALLY signed what they’ve been missing since letting Emmanuel Adebayor leave the Emirates

Dispatches From The Sticks – The mist shroud that had previously hung over the dry stream bed like a ghostly veil parts as a smoke grenade thirty metres away explodes in a fusillade of uncomfortably bright white sparks; utterly searing white sparks and a harrowing grey smoke that almost magically softens into a vivid orange […]

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Marco Reus 01

Arsenal eyeing Marco Reus in January, while a FREE defensive midfielder should DEMAND Arsene Wenger’s attention

Hi there all. I trust you are all well and are looking forward to the weekend…as a lecturer who has just had the last month off, this week has been a crash back down to the reality of work, preparation, induction and work. Oh, and work. But please don’t shed a tear for me, not […]

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