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Shiny gem

Arsenal Crying out for ‘Individual Brilliance and unpredictability – Positives, Needs and hopes from 0-0 v Sporting

Brilliance needed… Positives, Needs and Hopes This was an interesting game to misread. It is lazy to state that we were simply ‘disappointing’ or that the game was ‘dull.’ Arsenal did many things well. You have to in order to have 75% possession and to get through any game without your opponent having a chance. […]

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Alex Iwobi

Play Iwobi and Drop Ramsey – The Good Habit of winning without once playing well for 90 minutes

The close friendship between happiness and frustration  Positives, Needs and Hopes. I am so happy that we are winning the games that we do not necessarily deserve to. I am frustrated that we are winning but not playing particularly well. Happy, frustrated. Frustrated or happy? I have decided…I am 63% happy and 37% frustrated 😆 […]

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Consistency could save club millions

Arsenal need cannot continue to wait for the other team to be bad before we decide to be good – Particularly you Mr Iwobi

Positives, Needs and Hopes…. Arsenal 4 Vorskla 2 Alex Iwobi could do many things. He could continue to break into the line-up, play well, take his opportunity for granted and play poorly, back to the bench, out of the 18, get another chance (repeat)… Alex Iwobi is a player I cannot trust. Yet. See the […]

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Positives, Needs and Hopes from CFV v AFC – The past still influences the present as Emery still fixing pre-existing problems

Positives, Needs and Hopes…. The past still influences the present This still looks like a Wenger side. Do not blame Emery yet. As I said last week, Arsi ene Wenger left this team with such a complacent tactical attitude and with no repercussions for lack of work ethic. It will therefore take longer than we […]

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Sits deep and reads game

Positives, Needs and Hopes…. Arsenal overcome Lazio with great introductions for Torreira and Lichtsteiner

Positives, Needs and Hopes…. Arsenal vs Lazio First thought (pre-game)… that is obviously not our starting team vs City, right? I wonder why Emery has not given 90 minutes to that team. Looks like (apart from ANN at left back) those starting will contest the seven spots on the bench vs City. Maybe Emery does […]

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