Positives, Needs and Hopes from CFV v AFC – The past still influences the present as Emery still fixing pre-existing problems

Positives, Needs and Hopes…. The past still influences the present

This still looks like a Wenger side. Do not blame Emery yet. As I said last week, Arsi

ene Wenger left this team with such a complacent tactical attitude and with no repercussions for lack of work ethic. It will therefore take longer than we thought to change their ways. Today was a classic example. Conte’s Chelsea had differing approaches and a stellar work ethic. Sari has been able to focus on possession and implement his way. Emery has been in hospital fixing the many emergencies.

It looks like Emery has tried to fix everything at once so habits have yet to be formed.


Formation… 4-2-3-1




* Mkhi’s goal was technically very difficult. Kudos.

* Character to fight back and not fold

* Earlier subs. Proactive. Emery recognized that Xhaka’s performance once again proved more of a hindrance to success than help.

A new and positive difference!

Reads danger

* Torreira reads danger. Xhaka does not and does not want to.

First 10 mins of second half Torreira cut out two attacks because he cares.

* Our playing out of the back was better. Midfielders connected better. Forwards need to complete the task by holding ball up or playing quicker.

Play poorly Ozil and get subbed

* Another big positive…. You do not play well Mesut you get pulled. Wenger would never sub Ozil with game in the balance.

* Defensive block very well organized second half. They did not create much until we had to chase game.

* Czech was not faultless but made big saves again.

* Iwobi showed in Singapore the improvement Emery has made in him in his ability to break lines with acceleration and direct play.

Welcome back

* Their goalie looks like an oversized 16-year-old trumpe

Welcome back

t player. I liked the chocolate wrists too. Shame we could not fully punish them.

* Two good games for Guendouzi against two of the world’s best teams and coaches will serve him well.

* Monreal back adds security. He is the player who makes the least mistakes in our squad.




* Our forwards have to do better. In every area.

* Guendouzi’s biggest improvement needed is his over commitment defensively


* Bellerin was at fault for first Chelsea goal. You step, you get tighter. He went halfway and stitched up Mkhi.

Centre backs out of position too.

* As a team we look weak. No intimidation factor. Your strongest body should not be Iwobi. A worry.

* Pressing is fine. I agree. Would not have pressed City but…

I would say however, that you could make a player make a negative choice just from how intensely you press. It looks to me like Emery has not convinced the entire team of this fact.

It is better not to step at all if you are going to jog, as you become a cone.

First 30 mins many of our players idea of pressing looked like a token gesture.

* Sokratis and Mustafi have to anticipate the early pass to forwards feet. Morata often floated into the false 9 position and received unchallenged. Monreal is a better defender and so he is alert, steps and well…see our first goal.

* Bellerin may be fast but he does not move his feet fast enough or wide enough in one on one duels.

* Second Chelsea goal looked just like last season. Both centre backs standing level with centre forward on the halfway line. Neither are fast either. Oh my.

* Should keepers guess where the forward is going to put the ball on a 1 on 1? If you have a defender sliding to attempt a block and therefore blocking one side of goal, you definitely should not dive the same way before the shot. See second goal. Czech stays on his feet he has a chance.



* Not so much of a hope but this gives me ‘great hope.’

Here is a clear difference…. Emery saw the limp offensive performance last week, worked on it and we created enough clear-cut chances in first half to win two games.

More importantly, he saw a weakness in Chelsea’s defending. Their defenders all covered the 6 YD box on crosses. Their midfielder’s ball watched. We created five clear-cut chances from cutbacks in first half. Has to be coaching.

* Auba needs a goal. Watch his first goal… he was wheeling away to celebrate rather than focusing on finish.

* I see this team thrashing a few this season. Not necessary but we look more dangerous going forward as we don’t slow down, over pass and have a fear of shooting from outside the box.

* That in time our confidence in possession returns. Rather than practicing it every day for 22 years our coach has had to work on the many holes left.

* That Arsenal recognize that nothing is more worrying in the final 20 minutes than to see an electric winger coming on. Hazard did and they won.

Last thought…. If Emery ever decides to cut wage bill further and give up on Ozil, I would suggest Hakim Ziyech.

This is a mightily impressive talent….

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2 Responses to Positives, Needs and Hopes from CFV v AFC – The past still influences the present as Emery still fixing pre-existing problems

  1. Rasheed Saka August 19, 2018 at 10:52 am #

    The season have started so we need positive results. This Arsenal today have enough players to win matches even win the league if selections for matches are done without sentiments. We need players that will attack and put pressure on opponents and score goals. From defending, the pair of Belerin and Mustafi at the right flank is a problem. Bellerin gives too much space to attackers to dribble him. i See no reason why the coach have not been using the player we got from Juventus with all his experience. Please i am suggesting this player is allowed to play at that wing which is the major problem now. I still recommend that Matteo, Torrera, Iwobi are now in our starting eleven to get results. Please there should be no sentiment in our selection again. That is Wengas style.

  2. Mike August 19, 2018 at 2:51 pm #

    Loved your comment on Bellerin’s spacing issues! Very true.

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