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Gunners progress on merit as Welbeck and Xhaka rise from the ashes: #AFC3Milan1

It is nice to be sitting in this chair and writing about a 3rd straight win. Even two weeks ago I wouldn’t have backed Arsenal to do something like this, yet here we are, with the Gunners emphatically proving me wrong. That two of those wins were crucial to our progression in the Europa League, […]

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dele alli yellow

Media Darlings: diving, cheating, thuggish Spurs can do no wrong

Another incredible weekend of Barclays action just gone, which as usual was short on actual quality but long indeed on drama. I’d like to talk about Spurs if I may. As an Arsenal fan it’s difficult to have an opinion on them without being called biased or one eyed, and that’s often very true, tribalism […]

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Mustafi Spurs goal

Mustafi and Ozil steal the show as Arsenal put Spurs to the sword: #AFC2Spurs0

Thriving in adverse environment is sometimes made possible by the siege mentality. It’s the world against you, so will you put your hands up and surrender or will you mount a fightback? It’s a very simple notion, one that can be encapsulated in a phrase: “sod everyone, I will do it”. Arsenal took the latter […]

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Jog on, kiddo.

Dinosaur Wenger and Uberflops Arsenal School Super Poch and Media Darlings Spurs

Arsenal 2-0 Tottenscum Premier League Review Yes! We beat the Scum, and about time too. The club that hasn’t won a trophy since 2008. The club that has not won the FA Cup since 1991. The club that has NEVER won the Premier League The club that believes it’s bigger than us, despite having far […]

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Afraid of Sp*rs? Hell No. Is This Gooner Mad?

Am I mad not to fear Tottenham??? This is kind of like a preview-preview, so to speak. It’s still a little while before we play that lot, but as a Gooner I detest that lot with a passion. So I’m relaying something I’ve been thinking of late. For now, I want to ask this. Am […]

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