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A Message for all Arsenal Fans – There is no victory without harmony

There is no victory without harmony Is there something missing in your lives? Do you feel empty? Does life itself make you feel disenfranchised? Do you feel like a loser? If football is your only outlet of these emotions and thoughts, please don’t use them in a negative or harmful way towards any players or […]

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Arsenal fans- You Do It To Yourself, You Do and That’s What Really Hurts

Arsenal fans- You Do It To Yourself, You Do and That’s What Really Hurts All you do is stress about What the tabloid papers say Which big name is coming And how much we’re gonna pay And then the deal falls through  You complain that we can’t compete now You do it to yourself, you […]

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The Harmful effects of Verbal Abuse in football – Featuring Arsene Wenger, Granit Xhaka, Mustafi and more..

Constantly ridiculed, mocked and abused in his later years at Arsenal, sadly Arsene Wenger experienced a lot of hate and antagonism. There’s a popular fake quote that is heavily referenced in memes, ‘’We All Make Mistakes In The Heat Of Passion, Jimbo’’. I’m not going to condemn my fellow Arsenal fans or take some kind […]

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Brought back from the brink: Granit Xhaka’s miraculous transformation from outcast to linchpin

Since signing for Arsenal in 2016, Granit Xhaka has been a polarising figure for Arsenal fans. From literally picking his nose as Watford scored a goal back in 2017, to his ability to score goals at long range, to being praised for recent performances, Xhaka is an interesting and perhaps misunderstood player. Some Arsenal supporters […]

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Bravo Hector Bellerin – We Gooners should be proud that you do not ‘just stick to football!’

I read the full transcript of Hector Bellerin’s long interview with Arsenal official website, where he spoke about a wide range of topics that go beyond football and, like many others; I was impressed by the maturity shown by this 23-year old boy, who sounds very conscious of the bigger picture. I won’t go into […]

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A Rant about Arsenal Season Tickets being the most expensive, NOT – Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

It is that time of year again.   The time of the year when the tabloid press roll out their unsubstantiated, fake news regarding that old chestnut, ‘Arsenal’s overpriced Season Tickets’.   The Current Bun’s illegitimate half-sister (The Mirror) ran with the usual: “Arsenal fans hit hardest, Arsenal revealed as most expensive Premier League club […]

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Was Wenger the problem? Are Ozil, Xhaka or Bellerin the problem? OR ARE OUR FANS THE ISSUE?

…aaaaaand we are back to square one.   Three games into a new season, with a new head coach and five new faces added to the team and all I see is fans’ unrest. All the nice pre-season talk about getting behind the new head coach and the team seems gone already, the good vibes […]

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Wenger – Give me a Little Respect

Give a little respect to me. I’m in a a musical frame of mind at present. So for my latest ditty and Arsene’s favourite tune at the moment (or so I’ve heard), I give you Erasure & A Little Respect. Hope you enjoy the 80s throwback.   I try to discover One more trophy to […]

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To Banner or not to Banner? – That is the Arsenal Supporter Question

The famous Voltaire quote comes to mind (except it wasn’t Voltaire who said it) “I disagree with everything you say but will defend to the death your right to say it”. The Banner Man has a view. He thinks Wenger should have moved on. That is his view. Others agree with him and others, me […]

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If Wenger is the Impressario then The United Performance has left the paying public wanting more

#JustwhoisVictorthompson – ACCOUNTABILITY? 2nd in a series taken from Victor’s comments This gem was left after a blog by Zwi ‘Where’s the buck stop? last week I appreciate your dissertation on the relationship between the manager, the club and the press. The most difficult matter to explain is the role of the fans and the […]

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