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Wenger was a Reptilian and talked to Aliens!! – Top 8 Arsenal Conspiracy Theories- Buffetgate, Lasagnegate and so many more

Plots. Sinister dealings. These words may come to mind when you think conspiracy theories. In our everyday lives we are surrounded by conspiracy claims, from the Moon landing, to Religion, to Government laws. Anywhere you look, a conspiracy could arise. In Football there are many conspiracies at play, from a simple ‘’they cheated’’ or ‘’everyone […]

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Highs and lows: that's what draws us to football

A Season of Sighs Ends on a High

Arsenal Circular 146 It was “drama” on Sunday. One of the most over-used media words had meaning and resonance during the last 30 minutes of Sunday’s matches. It went right and we celebrated but it could have gone wrong and given us long faces and grouchy moods. In life “you win some and you lose […]

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Aston Villa vs Arsenal

Time to finish the year in style starting at Villa before investing in a midfielder ASAP in January

We travel to Villa Park to take on Remi Garde’s Aston Villa and, needless to say, three points is the acceptable result. After a downright disastrous November we’ve only recently notched our first league win (in 4 games) and considering how hard of a January we are about to have, picking up as many points […]

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