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Arsenal are not Unsinkable – We are a Titanic heading for an iceberg so change course Josh!

At the start of the season, I felt like Matt Lorrimer-Roberts, as he says in his excellent article, and I was prepared not to criticise Emery for this season to give him time to work out the make – up of his team. I admire Matt`s fair mindedness and I note that he is now […]

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Guendouzi the next scapegoat as Rodgers outfoxes hapless Emery

I have just read an article on Gunnertalk and I was amazed that the article stated that Guendouzi had been terrible, moreover the content was followed by several comments from followers who agreed with the writer. I have just seen how poisonous public media can be. Some of the claims referred to what should happen to […]

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Gunners must have faith in Wenger and not live in the ‘Here & Now’

It’s been a while, Gooners! I’ve been away on holidays and then very, very busy when I got back to work (coincidence?), which hasn’t left me any time to write my usual, weekly column for this wonderful community. I am back and I couldn’t be happier. Although disappointed by the fact that I couldn’t really […]

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All the creative talent we need but still unable to break through...

Wisdom of “The Dutch Master” holds the key to Gunners misfiring attack

Still no wins at the Emirates this season, how frustrating! As pointed out by the usually very zealous media outlets, we failed to score at home in five of our last six outings, which is also very frustrating. I think there is enough evidence to say that we *might* need tactical adjustments ahead of the […]

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Arsenal vs Liverpool

Wenger “If you want to have a successful season you want to be strong at home” – Time to show it v LFC

It’s Liverpool at the Emirates today and I’m cautiously optimistic about the outcome of this game. Not so much because we demonstrated brilliant football in the first two games (though our first half against Palace was pretty damn inspiring), but because Liverpool simply don’t look up to scratch. They’ve won the first two games, however […]

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Is Further Spending now the key to Arsenal’s Premier League Success in 2015/16?

17th May 2014. The time is 17:08.  Arsenal, looking for their first trophy win in nine years are 2-0 at Hull after eight minutes.  Thoughts turned to the Carling Cup Final three years earlier, when Birmingham broke Arsenal hearts. However, back in 2014, 90 minutes and extra time later at Wembley, Arsenal had won the […]

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Part 2 of the ‘Battle for 5th Place – A Gooner’s View of Other Clubs of the 2014-15 Season Part 7B

Hi everyone. This is part seven of my series of blogs about the status of the Premiership Clubs of the 2014-2015 Season following the conclusion of the League season. We are getting closer to the Arsenal in rivalry so this piece looking at Spurs and Liverpool was longer than those previously, so we broke this […]

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Brendan Rodgers, Luis Suarez, Jose Mourinho and Gareth Bale compounding Arsenal fans with a hate-filled summer

Pre-Season Diary Well, that went quick all of a sudden didn’t it? The final week of this pre-season diary already! When I started doing this blog ten weeks ago, my aim was to capture the changing moods and emotions we go through as Arsenal supporters during the close season. The highs (yeah, I know) and […]

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