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All-Time Greatest Arsenal Home-Grown XI vs Other Clubs XI – can you do better?

I’m sure there are many of you who like me, love to pick your all time best Arsenal eleven. Also like me, I bet you have trouble picking one legendary player over another. I’ve decided to do something a bit different in this piece. I’m going to pick two Arsenal sides with seven substitutions for […]

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Dixon and Adams

Fantasy signings: past players that could stop Arsenal’s plunge into obscurity

Cloning players from the past….who could do it in the current era and team? Comparing eras is a fallacy, really. The 1970s had its unique parameters that don’t apply now. They had really shitty pitches, but largely since 3G pitches didn’t exist, nor was the technology for virtually unbroken pitches widespread back then. It’s the […]

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Giroud vs Man City

Our Performance v City – ‘It was a great big turd, polished and steaming’

I think I won’t make much of a mistake if I say our Sunday game has produced only two positives: we have almost guaranteed 3rd (provided we avoid defeat in the last match) and Giroud had a good game, one which was long overdue for the Frenchman. Actually, thanks to Southampton, we even retain a […]

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Jack Wilshere may be a surprise starter at the Etihad – MCFC v AFC

  Hello everyone. It’s Manchester City we face this weekend and, while our recent displays hardly fill me with confidence of any kind, there are nonetheless two circumstances which make me feel slightly better going into this game: City are a big team and they have been even more crap than we’ve been in the […]

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Victory, Injuries And A Banner As Arsenal’s Mixed Season Ploughs On

I have just seen the news and comments on TV regarding the Hull match. I am delighted with the result and the performance however I am very disappointed to see the banner produced for Arsene Wenger`s attention. I am well known as a critic of Arsene but there are two messages on the banner – […]

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Alexis vs Hull City

If there are any positives from Arsenal 0-0 Hull City they are all in this review :)

Well, that didn’t quite go according to plan, did it? However it also could have been worse: when Aluko took aim from what would be Hull’s only shot on target, I was prepared for the worst. It was a genuine heart-in-the-mouth moment, which would have felt like a cold shower had Aluko been a half-decent […]

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Arsenal vs Leicester

It’s Time to Outfox the Foxes – Gooner’s Love Affair with ‘Le Coq’ to resume on Valentine’s Day

Howdy. Matchday №26 is looming large (in fact it’s already upon us at the time of me writing this), however, I think I won’t make a grave mistake by assuming most eyes will be fixed on Sunday’s fixtures and not so much on Saturday’s. It is understandable: the top 4 teams are playing one another […]

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Ramsey's equaliser was eye-of-the-needle stuff

Tough times ahead: Wenger better tailor his tinkering to get results

The match last night was a viewer’s delight. Before the game, the papers were full of what Klopp intended to do in order to counteract Arsenal`s passing game and to take the game to them. There were rumours that Wenger had suggested that he was prepared for the hard pressing onslaught that typified Klopp`s approach […]

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Little bit exceptional control

Battlers or Bottlers? 2 points lost or 1 point gained?

I’ve been in a situation where I have not been able to watch the Arsenal play for almost two months, imagine that! I’ve been living off highlights – the next morning at work – and blog posts. My situation doesn’t seem to be on the verge of improving any time soon and considering it was […]

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