Fantasy signings: past players that could stop Arsenal’s plunge into obscurity

Cloning players from the past….who could do it in the current era and team?

Comparing eras is a fallacy, really. The 1970s had its unique parameters that don’t apply now. They had really shitty pitches, but largely since 3G pitches didn’t exist, nor was the technology for virtually unbroken pitches widespread back then.

Pie chips gravy

Prematch nourishment. Just add beer.

It’s the same with players eating chips, fried eggs, and pies as pre-match meals in the 80s. There was no appreciation for dietary preparedness, and that’s fine, it was a different time. I’m sure Wenger would baulk at the food, if he time-travelled to 1989, as much as he would the booze.

Though there are some constants in my mind. We all know NOW we need a tough centre-mid, and a good centre-back. Despite differences between eras, there are some players from yesteryear, who would add good value in 17/18:

People may not like this comparison, but then Wanyama at Sp*rs for me is a similarity to him. They’re both strong, good on the ball, and good passers.

Petit was of a similar mould to Vieira, however in my humble opinion at the least his distribution was better than Vieira’s. However, we could do with him in our current midfield, or a player of his attributes.

Vieira and Petit

Vieira and Petit

I guess he enjoyed seeing “THE ARSENAL” beat “The Chelsea” in May. But he is up there among our all-time great centre-backs. He would provide the presence we need to marshal our back-line, and guide youngsters like Holding and Chambers.

Much of what I stated for Campbell can be laid here, though ramped up several fold. This is no disrespect to Campbell of course, but Adams was our defensive legend and captain marvel. He would be literally tearing strips from our defenders, and while Koscielny is a top player, I doubt he would make as many inane errors in Adams’s company.

I like Ozil a lot, though Bergkamp in his prime alongside Alexis would be a rush. He would provide the energy, creative presence, goals, and throughballs for Lacazette to thrive on.

Dixon and Adams

Dixon and Adams

There is a common theme here. All of these players from yesteryear were shit-kickers. It’s why we had the success of Graham, and of early Wenger. We clearly need players of this mental/attitudinal type in our present team, and if we did we could go on to some serious things in the league and/or Europe.

Given the current Premier League, I’m sure these players in their primes could cut it now, as much as they did with great admiration years ago.

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