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Ramsey wins the Cup for us (again)

Will the madness prevail? Or can Wenger turn things around? Judge him in 2019.

Back from holidays, back to business. It felt rather strange not to watch the FA Cup final against Chelsea as I was travelling, I tried not to think about it but I knew it was mission impossible, so I nervously waited for a fellow Gooner’s phone call to find out that we actually won it […]

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They want him to stay. They want him to stay. Arsene Wenger, board wants him to stay.

Arsenal Football Club and Arsène Wenger have agreed a two-year extension to his contract as manager. This will come as a surprise to many. A relief to some. Where do you fit in the reaction spectrum? Two more years of Wenger. How do you feel? #Arsenal — Gunners Town (@GunnersTown) May 31, 2017 invinciblogI was […]

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Will He Won't He?

Arsene’s Trust Bank Hits An All-Time Low

Gunners Town is pleased to host this guest post by James Howson (@BigJimmy_V) Is Arsene running out of trust? On Saturday after defeat to West Brom, during the post-match press conference Arsene Wenger disclosed that he has made a decision about his future, that he hasn’t told anyone and we will soon find out what […]

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Is that a wave? Or a 'wait'?

Arsenal Crushed by the Weight of Wenger’s Waiting Game

Will he stay or will he go? Not sure about you, but I’m really sick of Arsène Wenger’s new contract saga and, for one, found absolutely clumsy – at best – and disrespectful what he said post-West Brom, when he claimed he made a decision and “we will know soon. Very soon.” This is not […]

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Highbury Didn’t Die For This – A Brutal Assessment by a Veteran Gooner

What is going on at our football club?! I’m a disgruntled season ticket holder who’s been going along to watch The Arsenal for over 50 years now and I’m finding it increasingly hard to justify paying over a £1,000 a season to watch a bunch of under-performing, pampered prima donnas. I can’t ever remember the […]

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I’m Theo let me know – Should I stay or should I go?

I read with interest Alex’s column from Tuesday. I think Theo really needs to up his game in order to stay at Arsenal. I honestly do not think he can up his defensive game to the level required of him as, in my opinion, he doesn’t have the ability to do so.   Theo is […]

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Walcott can hold a gun to the club’s head again- But is the gun still loaded?

What do you do when someone holds a gun to your head? “I don’t need an agent, because I will never leave Arsenal”. This quote by Jack Wilshere has become iconic. It almost reaches the heights of Adams’ “Play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they’ll remember the name on the back.” […]

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