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Former Arsenal defender, Justin Hoyte

EXCLSUIVE: Ex-Arsenal defender Justin Hoyte talks Mikel Arteta, 2007 League Cup Final and THAT game against Cristiano Ronaldo. (Part Two)

Onto the second part of this exclusive interview with former Arsenal defender, Justin Hoyte. If you missed the excellent part 1 it’s here. As mentioned in Part One of this exclusive interview, at the very beginning of his career Justin Hoyte trained with the Arsenal first team of 2003. Training with the Invincibles at such […]

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Arsenal fans- You Do It To Yourself, You Do and That’s What Really Hurts

Arsenal fans- You Do It To Yourself, You Do and That’s What Really Hurts All you do is stress about What the tabloid papers say Which big name is coming And how much we’re gonna pay And then the deal falls through  You complain that we can’t compete now You do it to yourself, you […]

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Can Mesut Ozil be considered an Arsenal legend?

On transfer deadline day of 2013, Arsenal made a real statement of intent by signing one of the most highly rated attacking midfielders in the world, Mesut Ozil. At the time, manager Arsene Wenger smashed the clubs record transfer fee to bring him to the club in a £42.5 million deal, which sparked scenes of […]

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Arsenal Supporters Alliance – Are Headphones or the Head of Arsenal truly the issue at our club?

“Headphones” – the wearing of such evades Arsenal’s true issues.       It was interesting to see some points made by the Arsenal Supporters Alliance the other day. In their welcome to new head coach, Mikel Arteta, they were offering suggestions going forward, specifically on player conduct. Some points were that players shouldn’t wear […]

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Football Stars and Endorsements – Huge Business

Football Stars and endorsements Athletes are extremely influential. A recognizable face in sports can go a very long way in promoting a product or a service. Having a marketable sporting figure can dramatically increase a company’s profit. On the other side, for the athlete, agreeing to endorsement deals can improve public persona, revenue and create […]

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Champions of dull defy expectations

  Euro review: Final I have written less than 400 words about Portugal during this Euro. To give you some context: this is my 8th article covering the tournament. I average 1200 words per article. Meaning roughly 5% of my pieces were about Fernando Santos’ side. That can be down to any old number of […]

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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems? Arsenal’s Wage Structure may not be the Worst Thing in the World!

Adebayor is back in the Premier League having recently signed for Crystal Palace.  I came across a tweet that took a dig at the player’s lack of loyalty and referring to him as a mercenary.  Some time ago, I may have shared that sentiment; but, the Togolese forward’s letter of warning – posted some time […]

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Is Alexis Sanchez a potential centre-forward in an adjusted Arsenal system?

As I was watching Liverpool tear apart Manchester City at the end of November, a simple thought was playing at the back of mind: Liverpool hugely benefitted that day from having a mobile centre-forward. Yes, Roberto Firmino may not be your centre-forward of choice, he is far from a finished article, he had a lot […]

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The Curious Case of Mesut Ozil – Why the under appreciated genius?

Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil has attracted plenty of harsh criticism for going missing in games, and has even found himself under attack for being in a 16-year-old’s pocket after his poor performance in the opening day defeat against West Ham. The condemnations of Germany’s World Cup winner are odd, given how highly thought-of Ozil is by […]

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World Class Striker? You’re having a laugh.

Another brilliant post from Gunners Town guest writer @petitsponytail. Be sure to follow him on Twitter… — World class striker? You’re having a laugh Every day since this Godforsaken painstaking transfer window opened all I’ve seen is people calling for this mythical world class striker. It’s quite simple, my fellow Gooners – there’re only six […]

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