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The Ozil Conundrum – The Player, the Vitriol, the Remuneration, the Politics, the END? the

Our German number 10 Mesut Ozil made some interesting comments in The Athletic lately.     Whilst interviewed by prominent football journalist David Ornstein, he stated that he isn’t going to leave this summer, and wants to stay at Arsenal. He also said that he won’t be made a scapegoat and that he had reservations […]

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Kos the (former) Boss?

Player power hits Arsenal     The Gunners has been immune, to some degree, from the major player power incidents of other top English clubs. United has the Paul Pogba matter, and Chelsea has had numerous incidents in recent seasons. So it seems – with captain Laurent Koscielny’s refusal to participate in the USA tour […]

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Mustafi – if he stays how can we (and he) handle it?

  I’ve been as rueful towards Shkodran Mustafi as any other fan. Yes, he won the World Cup with Germany. Current and past players of Arsenal were in the same side, such as Mertesacker, Ozil, and Podolski. However, he’s made numerous errors in his Arsenal tenure. And in crucial games to boot – Kun Aguero […]

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Slipping away from us

Arsenal’s targets are slipping away from us…or are they?

I’ll tell you something you’d probably never believe: in a way, Twitter ruined me. Yes, I got the sense of not being alone by joining it and I’m happy I did. But there’s a downside (isn’t there always?): I now find it really hard to formulate a definitive opinion on something. I like to call […]

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