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The Anti Transfer Window Weekly – The Antidote for those tired of reading about DMs

This week’s Season Diary is brought to you by the letters Are you sick to the back teeth of the letters “D” and “M” yet? I swear if you scroll through twitter really quick then close your eyes, all you can see is this   DM DM CB DM DM DM DM DM DM CB […]

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Aaron Lampard and Jack Gerrard

Why can’t Arsenal solve the Midfield dilemma? One CM who sits, one box to box & one attacking. Easy?

It’s been a while since my last blog, far too long in all honesty but the hardest part about starting again is knowing where to start. I have many issues with this current Arsenal side and particularly with Arsene Wenger – but there is one area of the pitch that irks me more than most […]

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