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Kieran Gibbs of Arsenal

Arsenal and Arsene Wenger are struggling, we know, but it’s time for the fans to do their bit

Well, that was a pretty good weekend wasn’t it? Missed chances, reckless defending, more Wenger out protests, shirt printing and wine throwing. Never a dull moment at our place. Don’t beat yourself up about it, see a chance to profiteer from it. You know what Enough is Enough.  I am a Wenger out person but […]

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Arsenal vs United – Battle or Bottle?

Many now refer to the international break as the ‘interlull’ – wholly down to arseblog – but for me the last week or so has been quite refreshing. Once the hysteria of the loss to Swansea died down then everything just became rather placid and I have a void in my locker, a void that […]

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Podolski doesn't seem to be in Wenger's first-team plans

Arsenal look destined to lose Lukas Podolski following Lee Dixon’s ‘weak’ Arsene Wenger revelation

So what Arsene Wenger angle could I possibly take this week? Well, it’s one that has driven my nuts in recent years and that is the lack of accountability for poor performances. Particularly as a result of our collapses, in particular I’m looking at Newcastle and Anderlecht.  So what do I mean by accountability. Well, […]

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Per Mertesacker 13

Arsenal’s problem IS NOT Mikel Arteta, but a World Cup winner who needs replacing under Arsene Wenger

You know what’s odd about these spectacular collapses of ours? They just don’t surprise me anymore, I’m not even remotely shocked by it and worse still I don’t think the team are. We have various areas of the field that are way below the standard expected and until these issues are resolved and we actually […]

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Aaron Lampard and Jack Gerrard

Why can’t Arsenal solve the Midfield dilemma? One CM who sits, one box to box & one attacking. Easy?

It’s been a while since my last blog, far too long in all honesty but the hardest part about starting again is knowing where to start. I have many issues with this current Arsenal side and particularly with Arsene Wenger – but there is one area of the pitch that irks me more than most […]

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The Harder The Road, The Tougher The Gooner

A short foreword by Dave Seager Many of you will follow @mj_afc on twitter and some will have shared beer with him. Most will have marveled at how he is an Arsenal season ticket holder and away supporter whilst living in the North East. We have all taken our hats off to him for his […]

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Arsenal 2013/14 Squad Rankings

The Arsenal Power Rankings – October 2013

So a bit like Arsenal, my blog returns after an international break and it’s back with quite a popular feature – The Arsenal Power Rankings. For those new to the Power Rankings, this is where players are ranked based on their form and not their ability. It’s a bit American but as I love American […]

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Arsenal’s Wojciech Szczesny shines as Manchester City’s Joe Hart fluffs his lines

Michael Jeffares Column In the midst of our fantastic run it’s easy to undervalue the performance of particular players and ogle at the performances of Mesut Ozil, Olivier Giroud, Aaron Ramsey or Mathieu Flamini, yet there’s one player who I think has flown under the radar whilst showing a massive improvement in his performances. I’d […]

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Total change in midfield 3 from Arteta, Wilshere and Roscicky to Flamini, Ramsey and Ozil

The Michael Jeffares Column The positivity rumbles on for another week and it’s great to see the side brimming with self belief in every game. That said at the end of the Stoke game it was notable that two of our players sat down on due to pure exhaustion – Giroud and Ramsey.  Two players […]

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The New and Improved Olivier Giroud; carrying Arsenal through the season

Michael Jeffares Column This is how it used to feel wasn’t it? You know, the winning. The mental capability to win when the chips are down and all of this whilst we play expansive free flowing football. Mesut Ozil’s introduction to the rank has been seamless and has added the pizzazz we have been missing […]

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