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Ramsdale is better than you think – The Bournemouth informed inside track on the England Shot Stopper

Well yesterday on Twitter was unpleasant to say he least. The club’s will they, won’t they pursuit of keeper Aaron Ramsdale has half the fanbase in a real ‘tiss’ as my old mum would say. It currently appears to be off again with Arsenal reportedly valuing the shot-stopper (yes, he can do that,) at £20 […]

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Dejected Wenger

Arsenal battered again, but no one seems willing or capable of throwing in the towel: #AFC0MCFC3

You know that when half the fanbase is hoping for the game to be called off for whatever reason, while the other half is plotting to stay at home despite having the tickets, the footballing aspect of your team must be in dire state. And so it is, abundantly demonstrated by the game yesterday. Shortly […]

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