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Sell Up or Front Up Now, Stan!

As the football world tries to come to terms with the implications of this week’s failed football coup – Gunner Town’s Dave Seager adds his thoughts on what how Arsenal fans can address the obvious issues with its current ownership. (Note – this post was written before the Fans Forum meeting with Josh Kroenke last […]

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Love Arsenal Hate Kroenke

We’ve won the battle but not the war – we cannot let up until we get #KroenkeOut

That was the most dramatic 48 hours in football. Fortunately the European Super League has been stopped in it’s tracks. The six billionaire owners overplayed their hand completely underestimating the reaction from the media, the government the future King of this country and most of all the fans. I felt so proud when I saw […]

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emirates stadium

Breakaway European Super League: Arsenal Join 5 other Premier League Clubs

In breaking news, European football has been rocked by the revelations that a number of clubs, including Arsenal have either signed an agreement or expressed interest in joining a breakaway league that would effectively be a direct competitor for the UEFA Champions League.  Whilst it is not the first time rumours have emerged that the […]

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Don’t let the Billionaires destroy our game with their European Super League!

I’ve written on this subject on a number of occasions. However I feel so strongly about this I phoned the club to tell them exactly how I felt about the prospect of a European Super League (ESL) and all that entails. I know that call means nothing to Arsenal Football Club and I was only […]

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The European Super League – A War we Gooners dare not lose #Wecaredoyou

Football fans need to wake up to what is coming relentlessly down the track at us. I am talking about the so-called European Super League. The threat is very real and moving at a rapid pace. What is wrong with that some may ask? Allow me to try to enlighten you if you do not […]

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