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Numbers Don’t Lie: the most important stat to consider before the North London Derby

Four-thousand, nine-hundred and sixty-three daysThree-thousand, two-hundred and eighty-three days We all know which one is the biggest number, yet we constantly hear about the smallest one, which is the number of days our infamous trophy-drought lasted. Countless articles were written about our inability to win trophies during the nine-year, 512-game streak that went from the […]

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I hate Spurs. Hate them, hate them, hate them!!

I hate Spurs. Hate them, hate them, hate them!!   Since we’re playing our good friends from the Borough of Haringey very soon, I wish to convey my views on our “friends”, who now of course are renting the national stadium to play “home” games. Yes, every Gooner detests that lot. But these are my […]

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Media darling and media punch bag

Big Club, Smaller Club -Milan have Internazionale, Liverpool have Everton and Arsenal have their Spurs

Us vs. Them Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur 18th Nov. 2017 – Emirates Stadium preview They’re coming here. That’s right, the club with fewer trophies than us. The club with far less league titles than us. The club with a far smaller turnover and global fanbase than us. But I love that they: – claim to […]

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Exclusive; New Labour Policy leaked ahead of the General Election will please the N5 Voter!

Following the yearly clamour for St George’s Day to be a public holiday in the UK, Ed Milliband called an emergency meeting of the Labour Party executive to discuss a new policy of introducing a new public holiday for the UK. Over here in Australia, we celebrate Australia Day (& the Queens Birthday) The Americans […]

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