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How the next move by the Arsenal board is pivotal – safety first? Or raw ambition.

How the next move by the Arsenal board is pivotal Trouble at t’mill Well the days are counting down, the moment is soon upon us, who will get the most talked about position in England? No I’m not talking about the General Election, there’s more than enough diatribe on the internet for you to read […]

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Arsenal 1-2 Brighton: Sometimes, the fans are right [Positive Needs & Hopes]

Sometimes, the fans are right Positives, Needs and Hopes Over the years I’ve wavered as to how I feel about how the impatient modern culture has infected football and fans in particular. I find it true that most people talk in extremes. Arsenal were brilliant. Arsenal are awful. Extreme views are much like sweeping statements, […]

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Arsenal vs. Brighton Preview: Time to test our top attacking trio, with Luiz in mid

It’s Freddie’s first home game, and would it be a sound win? Or will it end up as stony as Brighton’s beach? We ended this game 1-1 in the latter part of last season – and arguably this led to Emery’s downfall. Or at the least, it was a major catalyst in fans turning against […]

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