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Cunning plan

Lewin in and Lewin out at Arsenal? As Gary wants his old job back!!

“Arsene, it Gary, Gary Lewin, how are you me old mucker” “Bonjour Gary, I’m good, how are you? Are England treating you well?” “Well Arsene, as it happens, not so good. You see, they’ve appointed the pizza guy as England manager… And, well, it looks like I’m out of a job” “That’s poor form, you’ve […]

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Injuries Report: What lies behind Arsenal’s appalling fitness record?

It’s often said that the Arsenal team starting the season are different to the Arsenal team finishing the season. Throughout the Premier League there’s a belief that Arsenal cannot win the title because the team only play well for one half of the season. Many feel this inconsistency occurs because Arsenal are soft and are unable to remain composed when it matters most, unlike […]

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