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How Mikel Arteta is Changing Arsenal Football Club – Part 1

HALF AN HOUR into the North London Derby, everyone knew something exciting was happening. Something was up and charging in the air. It was not just the roar of the fans or the score on the board. It was something more than that, something that could be felt, seen, spoken of, almost touched. It was […]

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****Harry Kane has never delivered for England when it mattered most*****

Now this is a conversation I have had with my friends over the years, it always crops up around international tournament time and yes that circle includes a Spurs supporting friend who vehemently denies the claim and counters with the accusation I have a bias in my argument. It’s something I would always struggle to […]

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If Maitland Niles does not start in midfield v Burnley I will Weep! – The team that’s not there yet!

The team that’s not there yet POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I’m glad that I couldn’t watch the derby live. I got to watch it 8 hours after finding out the score. When I logged on to Twitter after the game many had unsurprisingly lost it with the manager and some of the players. Not living […]

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A Salty Bitter Reaction from our Jealous Rivals to Arsenal’s 14th FA Cup win – LOL!

Following our glorious win at Wembley, the salt from opposing fans has been very grand. So much salt that fish and chip shops and Walkers would be happy and well-stocked for a long-time. Arsenal dominates online chatter most of the time, but we did go into overdrive on Saturday and rightly so. But there were […]

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Emery needs to be ruthless with those making ‘Individual Errors’ if Top 3 finish to be a reality

I am delighted to say that Guendouzi was most people’s man of the match. I have previously cautioned some fans who were trumpeting his skills because he had many faults caused by naivety and lack of experience. I did say though that he was a future star in the making. If he produces this quality […]

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‘They wanted it more’ – An Expression you should NEVER hear after the NLD

Okay, I did give it large pre-match in an article, and I take it back, largely. Yes, they were the better team. But power shift? Ha-ha…no. Last season, they finished above us, but then we won something. I strongly believe the same will occur this season. And they can cite who had the better season […]

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Hero or Villain?

Arsene, the man who is famous for the good he did, or the man who is infamous for destroying it?

I did not see the Everton game as I was in Spain, so I am indebted to Alex “The Tsar Cannon” for his review of the match. After last week’s results, we all knew that we were not going to qualify. Of the trio of Man City, Liverpool and us I doubt that the bookies […]

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Giroud vs City

Once again Arsenal reliant on the ever under-valued man – An ode to Olivier Giroud*

*not an ode, I’m not much of a poet Note: this piece was written before Arsenal took on West Brom When Theo Walcott limped off against Sheffield Wednesday, a collective gasp escaped the lips of Gooners all over the globe: the injury meant we were left with one fit striker. A situation all-too-familiar for Arsenal […]

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Gibbs vs Tottenham

Magnificent Magic Ozil rescues a point for exhausted Gunners – #NLDAFC1SPUDS1

Going into the game, the expectations were high. It’s understandable: we were on a streak of wins, City dropped points against Villa earlier and, finally, we played Spurs. However, one simple fact wasn’t quite taken into account, by yours truly too: we have a stretched squad which is also exhausted. For almost every player who […]

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A Role for Joel and will we finally see our young Pole – Campbell/Bielik set for NLD?

So, it’s a North London derby in the first round of the Capitol One Cup to keep us entertained. For the last couple of years we have persistently been getting rather tough opponents in the opening rounds of both cups: Southampton last year and Chelsea before that in CoC, Hull and Spurs in FA Cup. All […]

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