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What Does A Statement Arsenal Summer Window Looks Like?

Arsenal spent the most money in the last transfer window in England but what you won’t hear in the headlines is that they spread it on six players, at an average of about 24 million euros each. Last season, it was quite evident that Arsenal lacked depth and it was a big reason why they […]

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How Mikel Arteta is Changing Arsenal Football Club – Part 2 – Mikel has a way of making you want to follow him!

Very early into his appointment, Mikel Arteta made a careful, well-thought observation about the kinds of players needed in the Premier League. This quote, laced with nuance, was soon going to prove prophetic. “For City, or any top side, it’s obviously great to have players who will give you control of the ball, control of […]

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How Mikel Arteta is Changing Arsenal Football Club – Part 1

HALF AN HOUR into the North London Derby, everyone knew something exciting was happening. Something was up and charging in the air. It was not just the roar of the fans or the score on the board. It was something more than that, something that could be felt, seen, spoken of, almost touched. It was […]

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