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Can Arsenal reclaim their “Invincible” Status?

Arsenal is one of the most supported and loved football clubs in the world. While in recent times, our club has put up performances that have been hard to watch, fans of Arsenal are some of the most loyal and passionate out there. This passionate belief is rooted in the Arsenal we saw in the […]

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Racism, Abuse & Social Media – an interview with Clive Palmer

  We’re living in difficult times, yet there is hope.Hope that the next generation will make the right calls; hope that high-profile social media companies will better understand their role in our society and embrace the need for change; hope that the most popular athletes in the world will drive that change.I spent 45 minutes […]

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Wenger’s Nearly Men 2007/8 – The Team that Shoulda, Coulda and didnae!

The date was the 25th of June 2007, Arsenal’s record goal scorer, long time talisman and skipper had just been unveiled as Barcelona’s new multi-million pound signing. The talk had been building for all of the previous season, Arsenal’s disappointing exit to PSV Eindhoven in the Champions League round of sixteen only added fuel to […]

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Might Arsenal Lose Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?

Might Arsenal Lose Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang? We are all aware of the fact that recruitment plays a critical role in football. The ability of a team to score top-tier players will often spell the difference between victory and defeat. This is why some analysts have grown a bit concerned about the lineup of personalities within the […]

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A diamond in the shade: could this young talent follow in the footsteps of Henry and Bergkamp?

A diamond in the shade Two days ago I wrote a piece.  In the piece I stated that if it were me I’d focus on rebuilding the midfield in preparation for the next season. I stand by that. I suggested that we have an overload of highly talented young players scratching at the door and […]

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Arsenal non-British XI (All-Time): the greatest foreigners to have donned the Red and White

I did a British all-time XI a short while ago, featuring figures from the UK who helped us achieve great heights.     This piece now is the non-British all-time XI. My criterion here is all players who either played for non-UK national side (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland), or were registered as non-British. Foreign […]

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Premier League Hall of Fame inductees – which Arsenal Managers/Players would you pick?

It finally happened. The Premier League has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, and rightly public health has trumped our commonly-loved past time. But there are other points to ponder – such as below.   The Premier League announced that they would have a hall of fame, and will announce two initial figures in […]

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Losing Kobe: a Gunner laments

“What,” you may ask, “…is a South African Gunner doing writing about the Black Mamba?” No – the answer isn’t a connection as tenuous as the fact that Kobe’s namesnake terrorizes my local sub-Saharan compatriots. It lies in the 16 years that I spent living in Los Angeles from 1996-2012, plying my trade as a […]

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Soccer - FA Cup - Third Round - Arsenal v Leeds United - Emirates Stadium

Arsenal v Leeds (FA Cup 3rd Round Preview) – Order takes on Chaos in tricky cup tie for Arteta

Arsenal vs Leeds FA Cup third round preview Born and raised in Leeds for a third of my life, its hard to not feel a sense of affinity or almost nationality when it comes to football clubs, as is the case for me with Leeds United. Although I started supporting Arsenal in my teens, there […]

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Thierry Henry looks ruefully at the Champions League trophy

Arsenal: Under-Achievers Of Europe – a (painful) stroll down Memory Lane

With just a couple of days now till the Europa League Final in Baku. I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane to take a look at our previous endeavours in Europe. All in all it has to be said for a club of Arsenal’s stature we’ve underachieved in European competition. Just two trophies […]

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