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Learning from the Invincibles: why Transitional Identity is Vital if Arsenal are to Progress

Think back to the Invincibles Era and try to remember the brilliant moments that have come to encapsulate it. I’m guessing most had some modicum of direct, forward-thinking play that progressed us rapidly into the next phase of attack: how I define Transitional Play. It seems the best teams of late have had a clear […]

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Can Arsenal halt City’s quest for Invincibility? Match Preview

Man City vs. Arsenal Preview Etihad Stadium, Sunday 5th November 2017 It’s Pep at the Etihad, and the pretender to our Invincibles throne. Can we kill their claim to this throne? Can we really? Who knows? City have been superlative this season. Yes, they were at the start of last season. But then this is […]

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Sad fans

Arsenal Fans: Insufferably Spoilt? Or Are They Entitled? Part 1

Are Arsenal fans spoilt? – Part 1 It’s often said that Arsenal fans are seen as both insufferable and a joke by other fanbases. I can see why this is so, but then I think to some degree it’s unfair. What prompted this piece was the latest Footballistically Arsenal podcast, in which it was discussed […]

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Anti Gunners Media Agenda? Or Simply Arsenal Fans Paranoia as Club merely gets the treatment it deserves?

There is no agenda by the media. Enough of the paranoia The media aren’t stealing your thoughts. No need for the tin foil hat. Look, there is no “media agenda” against us. They don’t hate us, nor are they all closet Tottenham fans reveling in our “demise”. I see numerous fans online who make these […]

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Troubleshoot Arsenal

Troubleshooting Arsenal: You Have A Virus, Please Update Wenger OS Immediately!

Why did Wenger change? The recent defeats have made me more pensive about our club than usual. I have said I am Wenger Out for some time here, but then I guess it’s part of my personality and my own vocational experience to be analytical. I have often been involved in roles requiring problem-solving/organisational operations, […]

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‘Best Attack Ever’?! Arséne, your memory fails you

Arsene is a square peg and the players are a round hole. The Arsenal Way Fast, fluid attacking football, with an emphasis on counter attacking. That is the Arsenal way, or should I say the Arsene way, because we certainly didn’t play that way under George Graham or Bruce Rioch. Perhaps I should even say […]

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Burley - Average player and failed pundit

EXCLUSIVE – The BEST Rant at the Anti-Arsenal Media and Philistine Pundits EVER

  Occasional GT Columnist @LordHillwood let out a build up of anger at the media and pundits (cundits) with their anti-Arsenal agenda today. He unleashed umpteen 140 character tweets one after the other and having washed his mouth out with soap what follows may not see us in court! All that is wrong in English […]

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Wenger shaking hands with his ultimate successor?

Leonardo Jardim – The perfect man to replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal?

This article is in no way a reference point to my Wenger orientation. It’s just a glance at a future option for the Arsenal. Once a professional reaches the age to get a free bus pass its negligence not to look at replacements and it seems the gunners are already looking out for their next […]

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Super Robert Pires – French Musketeer and Highbury Hero

Just a short jaunt back in the time machine, to the year 2000 for this week’s Highbury Hero, when Arsene Wenger paid £6,000,000 for one of our French Musketeers, the brilliant technically gifted, wide attacking midfielder Super Robert Pires. Robert had a very distinctive running style, slightly splayed feet with his mane of black hair […]

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Having a narrow squad and a strong fellowship can backfire but it gave us the INVINCIBLES

I was reading “Invincible” by Amy Lawrence last night, I read the whole book in one go because I simply couldn’t stop turning one page after another: the feeling of pride was overwhelming, as was the amount of details given away by Amy. The importance of chemistry in the building of a team, the innovations […]

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