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A Defensive Bully like Matic is not Arsenal’s answer! What is?

I like to clear things up so I’ll start by saying I’m not trying to defend Arsene as I’m still baffled at how he refused to bring in a top quality shield in the summer, especially since we seem to favour 4-1-4-1. However, the issue of Arsenal needing a defensive midfielder has been somewhat overrated […]

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Gooner faithful demand return of Barca bench boy Cesc

Gunners Town Awards It’s the penultimate day of the Gunners Town Awards where we unveil the winners of last week’s polls as chosen by you. The writers have provided you with their picks and now it’s time to find out who you guys have voted for. Today we reveal the player who you’d most like […]

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A summer that could define Monsieur Wenger

The summer of 2012; a defining summer for both the direction of the football club, and the destiny of Arsene Wenger. The club, while learning from last summer, has once again put itself in an unfortunate position of letting yet another star player run his contract down to just one more year. WTTGT

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