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The latest to succumb

Is the Curse of Arsenal’s Number 9 set to continue?

Has the curse taken another victim? He was supposed to be the antidote He was supposed to shake the disease But I fear, he has succumbed to the same fate as many in his position before Ever since Smudger adorned the shirt in the early 90’s, many have tried to undertake the duties meeting the […]

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Farewell Edu

The Top 10 of Arsenal Hidden Gems, Part 1 – Matches you will be pleased to be reminded of!

Well it seems Top 10s are the theme of this week on Gunners Town. They are always a very entertaining exercise and not wishing to miss out of the fun here is my contribution Previous posts on this site by guests or fellow writers brought back a lot of memories – both good and bad […]

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And the Curse of the Arsenal Number 9 Continues…. The Far Side is Back

  Happy Australia Day GunnersTown. (A couple of days late) A lot has happened during my 7 week sabbatical around the world.   I got to see the sunset in Phuket     I got to spend Boxing Day at church, for the first time in 6 years,   I got introduced to the Tibetan […]

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Podolski to stay and break the curse of the number 9 shirt

​Far Side View A couple of curses seem to be plaguing The Arsenal, one may have been solved but the other, I fear, is still rumbling on. The first in question is ‘The Curse of the Number 9’. Steve WellmanEnglish by birth, Australian by choice. Traffic Engineer, Arsenal ST Holder, Sun DreamTeam Winner, Writer on […]

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Arsene Wenger’s Halloween XI

  Since beginning the journey to become Arsenal’s most successful manager in it’s 126 year history, Arsene Wenger has changed not only the face of North London, but English football as a whole. Bringing with him the philosophy that the right way to run a football club is to produce world class players rather than […]

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Flop or not: Julio Baptista…

This is the first of our new weekly feature called, ‘Flop or Not’. The feature takes a closer look at a former Arsenal player who, arguably, is sat right on the fence in terms of his impact in north London, so, we ask you, was he a flop, or was he not? First up, Amoy […]

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