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Why it should be ‘Kroenke Out’ and not ‘Wenger Out’ – As the Former brings the Latter Anyway

Trouble at the top Firstly, it’s been a long time since I have written anything about The Arsenal, so many thanks to the guys at Gunners Town for at least entertaining the idea. While some people are happy to create those huge threads on twitter, I am much happier putting pen to paper, as it […]

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Redirect your hate,  Kroenke Out

Redirect your hate,  Kroenke Out I know that GunnersTown isn’t a political beast, but it’s a forum I write on, so I am going to take this opportunity. Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, launched ‘My Outdoor TV’ in the United Kingdom over the weekend and as far as I am concerned, Arsenal should not, in anyway, […]

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