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Arteta’s Arsenal were winning the fight before being punched below the belt by Pawson, Jorghino, Leno and Mustafi

Winning the fight, punched in the gut. Positives, Needs and Hopes    Unbelievable. I wrote that word 5 hours ago and had to walk away. It felt like all my son wanted for Christmas was some balloons. I got the balloons. He was so, so excited. Then the evil kid next door came over, looked […]

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Arsenal 1-2 Brighton: Sometimes, the fans are right [Positive Needs & Hopes]

Sometimes, the fans are right Positives, Needs and Hopes Over the years I’ve wavered as to how I feel about how the impatient modern culture has infected football and fans in particular. I find it true that most people talk in extremes. Arsenal were brilliant. Arsenal are awful. Extreme views are much like sweeping statements, […]

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Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace: ‘The Unnecessary Self Destruction of Unai Emery’

‘The Unnecessary Self Destruction of Unai Emery’ I wonder if anyone in Unai Emery’s circle will ever sit him down and tell him the truth. As and when he leaves Arsenal somebody needs to tell him that he blew up his own birthday party. Last Spring many wanted a rest from Arsenal. In a short […]

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Banana skin or systemic breakdown? An inquest on the Sheffield United defeat

I have just read Michael McDonalds excellent article. I agree with a lot of what he says and I too am happy with our `behind the door` team in relation to the procuring of top class players. I am also very pleased at the progress of our young players. We had one of our banana […]

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Watford 2-2 Arsenal – Emery Left Naked as abject Gunners make Watford look mighty. [Positive Needs & Hopes]

‘EMERY LEFT NAKED’ I’m jumping straight into this one…. Holding, Tierney and Bellerin should make us better but we didn’t capitulate in the second half because those three weren’t playing. When you’ve allowed more shots (96) than any team in any of the top 5 leagues in Europe this season, it’s the coach. Just FYI… […]

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Wenger’s Arsenal had no Plan B – Emery’s seems to have no Plan A!

I am a realist, and after the highs of the transfer window it’s back down to Earth. There is still a lot of work to be done at the Arsenal. There is still no identity to our team. There is no cohesion and we no longer have our own style of football. This stems from […]

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We have swapped Calamity and Gaffs in Mustafi for an Older Version Gaffster in Luiz

  Victor’s response to the GT Match review of Anfield defeat ………   I am a bit hesitant to criticise an article by someone who is a coach and so I will stick to some basic observations for which a coach’s badge is not necessary. For instance, I did a critique at the time I […]

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Heroes are born quickly: decisive team selection gives Arsenal perfect season start

‘HEROES ARE BORN QUICKLY’ Part of the unrest in previous seasons was not just the results or the lack of style but that the fans didn’t have a hero. Heroes can be frustratingly inconsistent but they offer a fan the breath of their footballing existence…. hope. When I started watching Arsenal seriously Anders Limpar had […]

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Au Revoir Arsene and Hola Unai – One Man’s view of a club in transition.

For fans on the red side of North London, it has now been over a year since we said au revoir to Arsene Wenger and Hola to Unai Emery. I was actually born before Arsene actually took the manager reigns of a club, I had come to love so much. All I have known pretty […]

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2018/19 Season Post-Mortem: ALL Arsenal Players reviewed AND rated

Arsenal player reviews 18/19     So the PL season has ended, and it’s time to review the players’ performances. Our star strikers, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette, have received wide plaudits this season. Auba won the Premier League Golden Boot, shared with Liverpool’s Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah.   Bernd Leno has been an […]

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