Wenger’s Arsenal had no Plan B – Emery’s seems to have no Plan A!

I am a realist, and after the highs of the transfer window it’s back down to Earth. There is still a lot of work to be done at the Arsenal.

There is still no identity to our team. There is no cohesion and we no longer have our own style of football. This stems from a constant amount of tinkering to our formation and personnel for each game. I feel Emery tries to set up differently for every opposition to sustain the opposition’s strengths instead of playing to our own.


No Plan B (or C)

Don’t get me wrong under Wenger we had only one way of playing, and at times were in desperate need of a plan B or C. However it seems like now we have every plan in the book apart from plan A.

I like Emery and it’s so refreshing to see his passion on the side of the pitch, however he needs to find his best formation and favoured starting line up. So far in 3 games we have had 3 different formations and a number of changes to the starting line up. How are we ever going to achieve consistency with constant changing ?

If it’s not broke then don’t fix it. Chambers played well against Newcastle and the team defended bravely and calmly that match to equal last season’s away clean sheets in their first game. However he was then dropped for Luiz for the next two games of which we conceded in both. I feel if you play well and do your job you should be rewarded with a stay in the team. Chambers should now be replacing Luiz for the next game as his last display doesn’t deserve a start against the neighbours.

Playing out from the back

Bert Leno is too slow releasing the ball, which makes us in effective counter attacking. Arsenal have bags of pace up top but that is no good if we can’t set them free. What I have seen from the first three games is that Leno holds on to the ball for far too long. This allows the opposition the chance to organise and press up effectively suppressing the opportunity for the gunners to play out from the back.

We have made it clear this is how we want to play from now on, the most important cog in a team playing out from the back is the goal keeper and our keepers distribution is not good enough.


Teams are already wise to what we are going to try and do, so they stay up pressing the defenders making it impossible to play out we are under pressure straight away. Liverpool showed how to deal with this tactic.

We need to mix it up and have more outlets for the ball. Try and play out from the back a few times, allow the opposition to then press, then go long occasionally to try and allow the pace men like Pepe and Aubameyang the opportunity to counter.

Lessons learned

The truth is we only scraped wins against both Newcastle and Burnley, nice picking up points not playing well. As we have struggled to do this in the recent past. But at the same time we should be playing well against that sort of opposition. We were tactically inept against Liverpool allowing the European champions to have the wings, waiting for a rare counter attack. It may have been different if we took one of the opportunities but the truth is we didn’t and our best players were isolated for large periods of the game.

Emery is not scared to drop big players and it was a refreshing  to see him drop Ozil last season when he wasn’t playing well. Wenger showed so much loyalty to players who were under achieving and was never repaid, however now certain players deserve some more loyalty such as Chambers from the first game, also Lacazette to score against Burnley to then be on the bench against Liverpool replaced by Pepe who still needs to earn his stripes.




I like the fact that Emery has shown faith in our youth with both Willock and Nelson having had the opportunity to ply their trade at the top level, this is my main positive so far this season.

Emery is still hindered by injuries in the squad and trying to introduce new players in to the team. He does still need some more time and I am a fan of his, but feel maybe we are changing things around just a little too much.

Emery is a good manager and can achieve big things at the club but he needs to create an identity to the team. We need to make teams worry about us and what we are going to do.

We need a plan A.

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One Response to Wenger’s Arsenal had no Plan B – Emery’s seems to have no Plan A!

  1. Lari03 August 29, 2019 at 2:11 pm #

    The team is only just beginning to gel. I would wait for all players to be available before making any conclusions. It is obvious that we will play a 4-3-3 as our plan A.

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