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A Magnificent 7 Thoughts to get you thinking and really excited for the return of The Arsenal!

7 Arsenal Thoughts  Starting to get excited now! Have you had these thoughts too?….  1)  Arsenal have a few advantages that many haven’t noticed yet. We are about to play summer football for the first time. I would imagine that those teams with mainly British players eg; Sheffield Utd, may struggle as British folk are […]

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Suffering from lack of footballing identity?

Arsenal is being left behind by the other top clubs, and it might be too late to catch up

Arsenal, how the mighty have fallen. And how we’re allowing the sore to grow. The latest defeat to Bournemouth highlights how far we’ve fallen. But why do we allow the sore to fester? We’re sick. But then we’re not resolving the sickness. I feel like we’re viewing a bad cut, and not making any effort […]

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